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‘Why I bought a car for my wife as birthday gift’ – Mercy Aigbe’s hubby, Larry Gentry

Larry Gentry, an entrepreneur and businessman husband of talented actress, Mercy Aigbe shared with us why a good wife like his, deserves more than a car as a birthday gift and his business world. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him on Wednesday, January 6, 2016, in his La Veronica Hotel, Oregun, Lagos.


How did your business fare in 2015?

It was by the grace of God we were able to scale through in 2015. 2015 was better than 2014. Despite the economic recession, we were still able to thank God.

Will you say you achieved all your goals in 2015?

In any business, it is not certain to achieve all your goals. At least, I can say I achieved some of my goals.

What are your plans for 2016?

I intend to go into real estate business. I am trying to put everything together so it can work out. W are already on it and I believe by God’s grace, it is going to turn out well.

How do you intend executing the plan?

I have already consulted my bank for support and once I get that, we will set the ball rolling. I also have other people who are willing to support me. So, definitely, it is going to be successful, and by the time we get there, we will let you know.

Will you agree with the fact that patronage is low in the hospitality business now due to Nigerian economic situation?

Yes, it is very low. It is not encouraging at all but with God on my side, I am still pressing on.

In what way do you think the government can support the hospitality industry to make it better than what it is at the moment?

I believe if there is constant supply of electricity, the industry can be improved because that is one of our major problems in this industry. For example, when we earn N50,000 a day and we spend about N60,000 on diesel just to make sure we power the generator, that is automatically spending above one’s income.

But if the government can supply electricity constantly, then we will be on the way of improving. Another area this industry needs to be assisted is that of staff. The staffers are not encouraging, they only want to make money from the industry and before you know it, they come up with flimsy excuses once they get their salary.

The industry is not encouraging at all and I believe it is only in Nigeria that it is as bad as this, it is not so abroad.

The major assistance we need from government is constant electricity.

We learnt you bought a brand new MDX 2015 Acura jeep as a birthday gift for your wife, how true is it?

Any woman who is married, should not be deprived of anything good. A car is just one of those things you can use to appreciate a good wife. My wife deserves it and that is why I got the car for her because she is just like a mother to me.




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