‘Why I celebrated with visually challenged children’ – FEHINTOLA KOTUN

Amiable woman behind Markz Global, Markz Catering and God’s Own Band, Fehintola Kotun was a year older on Friday 28, 2014.

The fair skinned entrepreneur reached out to the less privileged of Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted Children Home, Surulere, Lagos.

The celebration was well attended by well wishers, music artistes, as well as staff and children of Pacelli School, Surulere, Lagos.

In order to honour the celebrant, a presentation was made by some of the students and they rendered a special version of a happy birthday song.

After the cutting of the birthday cake, the celebrant, Fehintola Kotun had a session with her band, God’s Own Band.

Her beautiful voice captivated the mind of guests that they could not help but put on their dancing shoes. She was able to get the attention of her guests and also that of school.

With the help of her catering outfit, Markz Caterers, she pampered everyone with her delicious delicacies while still on stage with her band.

Apart from entertaining students of Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted Children Home, Fehintola Kotun also presented some gifts items to them. Amongst them were bags of rice, cartoons of Indomie noodles, carton of Good Morning cornflakes and some other gift packs. It was no doubt that the children and staff of Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted Children Home, had a lovely time.


Why did you choose to celebrate your birthday with the visually challenged children?

I am not celebrating my birthday. I go out like this every month. Coincidentally, this month falls on my birthday. This is how I do it even if it is not my birthday.

Why is this particular outing special?

Nothing is really special to me. The new thing is the band because it is new and that is why we are here to perform.

Now that you have unwrapped the whole package, how do you feel?

I feel so happy. My life is full of giving, even when I am at home with my children, I tell them there are so many people who do not have anything to eat. For God to give His only begotten son who died for our sins, there is nothing I cannot let go. Most times, I clear my wardrobe to give to the poor. That is just me.

What message would you like to pass across to the children?

I always tell them not to ever stay away from God and do all that He likes, even when God is not present because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

What else do you have in store for them?

I will always give and help them until I can’t breathe again.

What do you think the government can do to assist them?

Since I embarked on this project, I have never sought help from anybody. So, if you want to give, that should not be a problem. If the government wants to assist them, it is their own free will. I have been into this project for 15 years.

You don’t need to force people to give, instead let everybody have a good heart. If you have, then give. I tell people, if you have more than five cars, sell four and give to the poor. Be you a pastor, politician or anybody.

What is your philosophy of life?

The word of God is my only philosophy.




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