‘Why l added sex toys to my business’ – Susan Chanel

Beauty and lifestyle brand, Koko Chanel operated by charming entrepreneur, Susan Chanel has been taking care of the beauty concerns of the young and old for some time now. The CEO of the enterprise, Susan Chanel explained briefly what it entails to succeed in this type of venture and why she added sex toys to the business.

What led to the discovery of this business idea?
My Skin Care was initiated due to my burning passion for achieving a beautiful skin, well being and healthy life style.
What was your dream for this business at inception and is it moving according to plans?
By the special grace of God, My Skin Care line is moving according to plans. My client base increases by the day. More and more people are achieving their desired results.
What is that particular niche that you have carved for yourself in this business?
I thank God that this business has given me more than expected. I wouldn’t want to dwell on what I have achieved so far, but focus on becoming bigger every day, being myself, being original and trying not to imitate anyone else and brand. My source is 100 percent herbal, mild and safe products.
How has the business evolved, how easy has it been expanding in an economy that don’t support small scale business?
The Bible says the Lord will bless the works of our hand. The Lord has been blessing my works and crowning all my efforts with good success. He has been faithful in my business and He will forever be faithful.
What sets you apart from others?
I will say originality. I don’t imitate any other new or existing brand. My source is my source. And I thank God we are producing happy and satisfied clients every day.
What is the best way to succeed in this type of business?
Being patient with clients, listening to their complaints and requests. Customers are the strength of any business, we are important to them and they are also important to us.
What has sustained you in this business?
First, God, my expertise, skills and referrals. Because mouth to mouth is one of the best form of advertisements. Finally, our professionalism and delivery.
What is in stock for your numerous clients for this season?
At Koko Chanel Skin Care line, we do not wait for festive period before we give our customers discount on purchases. We celebrate and appreciate our customers by doing promotional sales on or before special seasons. At Koko Chanel Skin Care, customer is king.
What is the business future expansion plans?
Our business future plans is for customers to walk into a mall across the country and other parts of the world and find a Koko Chanel Beauty shop.
Why did you include sex toys in your venture?
Every mature adult wants sexual pleasure in bed. My business does not cover only skin care products, we also take interest in beauty and well being products.
What is the level of demand for sex toys?
The demand for the sex toys is also high. A lot of women these days have low libido that makes them not to like sex, so our toys stimulate them.
What do you do outside business?
Relax and unwind with family and good friends.



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