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Why Saudi Arabia lifted ban on women drivers

Following the initial decree by the Saudi Arabian government prohibiting women from driving, the authorities have duly announced that women are now allowed to drive in the country, from June 2018.
The country which is a Muslim kingdom has strong restrictions for women participating in any activity in the monarchy. Although they are still other restrictions, an overturn was made to allow women enjoy the privilege of driving.
The ban became necessary prior to the following as underlisted by
* Depriving women from driving became a powerful symbol of oppression by male counterpart, hence, the lift.
* Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women from driving. Until now, only men were allowed licences and women who drove in public risked being arrested and fined.
* To show that all men and women have equal rights under the law as women in the Kingdom have been pushing for the right to drive since the 1990s.
* The stress many families undergo trying to employ private drivers to help transport female relatives.
* They realized that women driving is viewed as a social issue and not a religious or cultural matter as believed, thereby giving the women a sense of belonging.
* The decree is in line with a programme called Vision 2030, promoted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, to modernise Saudi society and bring it more into line with the rest of the world.
While some welcome the new development, others interpreted the move as bending the ‘sharia law’ the other way round. Meanwhile, a ministerial body will be set up to give advice within 30 days while the royal order will be implemented by June 24, 2017.
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