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Why we are involved in MBGN  – Emeka Oramadike, marketing manager, Ekulo Group

Ekulo Group, one of Nigeria’s foremost manufacturing and commodity conglomerates is partnering with the Silverbird Group to stage the 2017 edition of the country’s premier beauty pageant, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) .Meditol range of medicated and Antiseptic soap manufactured by a member of the Ekulo Group, Evans industries Ltd, will fly the Group’s flag as the partnering brand. In this interview, Emeka Oramadike, Marketing Manager of the Ekulo Group says the partnership with Silverbird is a marriage of two indigenous brands determined to take MBGN to another level. Oramadike is enthusiastic that Ekulo’s venture into beauty pageantry is another elegant milestone by the Group. Excerpt.   

Question: Since the news of Meditol medicated Antiseptic soap-Silverbird collaboration to stage the 2017 Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria, MBGN pageant broke, many have been skeptical about the correctness and workability of the partnership between two brands belonging to two different genres of Nigeria’s economy. Meditol belongs to the cosmetics/medical sector and Silverbird to the entertainment/Tourism sector. Their parent companies-Ekulo group/Evans industries and Silverbird group also are not in the same sector of the economy. One is the manufacturing sector and the other in the entertainment, Tourism and broadcast media sectors. Do you think this is a good marriage?

Answer: I do not share that sentiment. The common denominator binding the two brands lies in their 100 percent Nigerianess. And I think this makes the collaboration between Meditol and silver birds a perfect marriage. The collaboration between Meditol and Silverbird also robs off on their parent companies-the Ekulo and Silverbird groups. Both conglomerates have paid their dues as regards contributions to the growth of the Nigeria’s economy. Both groups have history-history of excellence, history of providing services and creating employment to Nigerians spanning over three decades.Silverbird has been around since 1986 and that was the year MBG pageant started. The company has made name for itself in the entertainment, Tourism and broadcast media sectors, employing 100 percent local, or if you like, Nigerian content.Ekulo group which is the parent company of Evans industries limited, makers of Meditol range of soaps, has been around since 1984 and has over the years expanded into various manufacturing spheres. Ekulo’s brands, including Meditol boast of 100 percent Nigerian content. Meditol has proven to be the flagship of soap brands of its genre. So the marriage between the meditol brand and Silverbird brands is one destined to up lift Nigeria, both as a country and as a brand.

Question: This is the first time Evans industries limited and its parent company, Ekulo group have ventured into beauty pageantry. What are the benefits accruing to you in this partnership?

I don’t know what you mean by benefits but let me put it this way; no company embarks on a business venture without expecting certain monetary rewards or gains at the end. But beyond this, Meditol as a brand, Evans industries as a manufacturing outfit and Ekulo as responsible conglomerate put projection of Nigeria as a brand of reference in the world above monetary gains in its decision to partner with Silverbird to stage this year’s MBGN. And of course, the meditol gospel will prominently be relayed to the generality of Nigerians, consumers and the international community via the instrumentality of the pageantry. The narration around meditol is elegant and enchanting. Meditol Medicated and Antiseptic range of soap protects heals and beautifies. It’s a family soap with five variants namely Meditol Original with Avocado extracts, Meditol Classic with Shea Butter Extracts, Meditol Gentle with Olive Oil , Meditol Cool with Menthol, Meditol Herbal with Aloe Vera Extracts. Apart from Meditol, Evans industries also manufacture other household items, including the popular Eva range of soaps and Hawaii range of Papaya & Carrot Whitening soaps.

Evans Industries Limited is a 100% Nigerian Company with absolute belief in Nigeria with a proud maxim. We are proud of Nigeria. We want Nigeria to be proud of us.In making the Meditol soap range, Evans Industries limited, is on a mission to prove that Nigerians can produce skin care soaps that are at par with international standards. The Meditol range is the next level in antiseptic and medicated soaps making waves in the country.

Are Nigerians going to witness innovations in the 2017 MBGN Pageant?

When two like minds are in a marriage, what you see are bliss, progress and overflowing love. Meditol and Silver birds are two like minds committed to excellence. And that excellence will reflect in the 2017 MBGN. Nigerians will be treated to world class beauty pageantry. We will be showcasing Nigeria to the world; we will showcase the African beauty embedded in Nigerian women to the world. The 2017 MBGN will be celebrated beyond the shores of Nigeria. Meditol and Silverbird are closely knitted to stage a world class beauty pageant and we will not fail.








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