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Why we love turbans – Fashion forward ladies on favourite headgear

Why we love turbans – Fashion forward ladies on favourite headgear 

Simple but classy, the turban is worn by millions of ladies and it has come to stay. It has become a favourite and one of the hottest fashion statements and worthy accessories among women both the old, young at heart, rich and average ladies. It comes in varieties of colours and can be worn in different styles.

Fashion forward celebrities, style icons flaunt it in the chickest way at occasions and events. It is often accessorized with brouch or beads which brings out the beauty and uniqueness. It has become a must have for every woman in her wardrobe.

We spoke to ladies about turbans and why they can’t do without them…


Funke Akinbisi 

I don’t know how to tie head gear so l opted for turbans. They are simple and trendy. I have a handful of them in my wardrobe. They have become my signature style. I also love the fact that I can accessorize them with beads. I think it is a must have for every woman.


Kudirat Sanni

Turbans are affordable. You can get some cheap ones as low as N200. They are in vogue now. If I don’t make my hair, it would still stay perfectly on my head. As a Muslim lady, there are places I have to go that l can’t wear hijab, my turban is a good replacement for that.


Akanke Solomon

Turbans are gradually replacing the traditional gele, people adorn it even at parties instead of gele. It is quite fashionable and it can fit anybody well.


Helen Stevens

I love turbans because they are colourful. You get it in any colour you want. It is also simple to tie. You don’t need an expert before you can tie it.


Chinelo Obi

I just love the look. It is always beautiful when you tie it. Even the amateur can tie.  And you can get them in different colours. I fell in love with it when a friend gave me as a gift.


Abigail Joseph 

I love turban because it is easy to wear. It is classy and makes you look elegant when you wear it. I used to think it is for Muslim women before until l started seeing it in church too. I can say l own five different colours now.






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