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WIKO introduces new colour, bleen, to phone landscape

See and feel the brightness of Bleen. That is the invitation from Wiko Mobile, makers of Wiko phones.

Bleen? Yes, Bleen. Bleen is the new name for the picturesque and evocative colour of the latest entrant into the phone market, the French brand Wiko.

Apart from its combination of style, technology, quality and competitive pricing, International Business Director, Wiko Global, Marcel Van de Pas has stated that Nigerians can now delight themselves to the new colour introduced to the stylishness of smartphones across the globe by having a feel of Bleen.

Speaking on the attractive colour of Wiko, Van De Pas stated, “We are not red, we are not blue, we are not yellow. We are bleen”.

Bleen derives from blue and green, the romantic combination that has resulted in the colour of Wiko. The combination produces a colour that is at once bright yet subtle and warm.

Van De Pas said the colour is one of fun attributes that draws the target audience to Wiko. According to the Marseille-based French man who loves Nigeria, having previously spent six years here, the phone brand appeals to “the Wiko generation”.

The Wiko Generation? The Wiko Generation refers to young people who are discerning, discriminating in their taste, understand the language and technology of their mobiles and demand top line performance from any handset that they embrace.

The Wiko Generation, according to Van De Pas, are young and smart and Nigeria has a large number of such people.

He said this at the official launch of 10 of its branded mobile devices at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites last Wednesday.

He stated that the young generation love to explore and try new things or have a combination of two things with which they are already familiar. “In this present age full of innovation and technophiles, many mobile phone brands produce phones that come in additional colour options to sharpen the consumers’ ability to choose. Wiko phone offer colour matching back cover options, one which appeals and can be largely explored by Nigerian youths to define their sense of style and sharpen their fashion creative tendencies”, Van De Pas stated.

Of all the mobile brands existing in Nigeria, Wiko is the only brand that affords the consumer the opportunity to play around colours by purchasing one mobile device without buying additional back cover options. The Wiko Rainbow device comes in 2two additional back cover options (yellow and bleen) apart from the black casing.



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