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Windfall: Governors have no reason to owe salaries

With the release of N243 billion to states from the London-Paris Club loan refund, governors owing salaries no longer have excuses.

Here’s how the fund was distributed to the states:
1 ABIA 5,715,765,871.48
2 ADAMAWA 6,114,300,352.68
3 AKWA-IBOM 10,000,000,000
4 ANAMBRA 6,121,656,702.34
5 BAUCHI 6,877,776,561.25
6 BAYELSA 10,000,000,000
7 BENUE 6,854,671,749.25
8 BORNO 7,340,934,865.32
9 CROSS RIVER 6,075,343,946.93
10 DELTA 10,000,000,000
11 EBONYI 4,508,083,379.98
12 EDO 6,091,126,592.49
13 EKITI 4,772,836,647.08
14 ENUGU 5,361,789,409.66
15 GOMBE 4,472,877,698.19
16 IMO 7,000,805,182.97
17 JIGAWA 7,107,666,706.76
18 KADUNA 7,721,729,227.55
19 KANO 10,000,000,000
20 KATSINA 8,202,130,909.85
21 KEBBI 5,977,499,491.45
22 KOGI 6,027,727,595.8
23 KWARA 5,120,644,326.57
24 LAGOS 8,371,938,133.11
25 NASARAWA 4,551,049,171.12
26 NIGER 7,210,793,154.95
27 OGUN 5,739,374,694.46
28 ONDO 7,003,648,314.28
29 OSUN 6,314,106,340.62
30 OYO 7,901,609,864.25
31 PLATEAU 5,644,079,055.41
32 RIVERS 10,000,000,000
33 SOKOTO 6,441,128,546.76
34 TARABA 5,612,014,491.52
35 YOBE 5,413,103,116.59
36 ZAMFARA 5,442,385,594.49
37 FCT 684,867,500.04


And compatriots are excited about the move.

These are their views:


Much of this money is going towards buying fancy cars for governor’s prostitute girlfriends, buying fancy homes in London and New York, and inside bore holes. Non of this money is going towards salaries. In other words, the Buhari government has aided and facilitated the stealing of our monies. AGAIN!


smart G:

I though Jonathan was crucified by sharing ECA with states .Why can’t we save for the rainy day?


Kola Adekola:

This is just another “kill and divide”, and it will remain so until the country is restructured.

A lot about the details boggle the mind though; what is the reason for Kano receiving 10 billion (the same as the oil producing states), while Lagos got 8 billion? Does Kano contribute more to the Nigerian economy than Lagos? Or is Buhari’s useless government of lies telling us that Kano is now an oil producing state? They blatantly cheat us and then kill us with Fulani herdsmen terrorists to show that we are nothing.

All Southerners and Middle Belters withhold your vote until this country is restructured.

Restructure this country or break it up.



Paris Club refund.

– What is that? Where does the money come from?

From what I could see the words were used in 2006/2007 (by cbn), from the genuine Paris Club refund.

If this new cash is not coming from international sources or the Paris Club? then who owes who?

If its the fed govt that owes states, then this money is being printed on the fed govt balance sheet and its simply a transfer from the Federal Government to the states.

Printing money (paris club) and giving it to the states.

Therefore it can also be described as a bailout… one that is tenously linked to the Paris Club refund to make it sounds fancy and justify the random/ adhoc nature of the payments.

nice move….



Some of u don’t reason before commenting, what is ECA? Excess Crude Account if oil is sold $45/barrel and you present your budget with $42/barrel bcoz of possible reduction in oil prices in case the oil price now rises to about $49/barrel instead of falling the difference between ur budgetry provision of $42 to $49 =$7 meaning u will be saving $7/barrel n if u get 2M barrel a month, multiply by $7 that is what you save in a month for rainy day which ds govt has been doing since they came n ECA is rather increasing it hasn’t decreased.

Paris club fund ought to have been paid to states when they need it for their states but pdp refused to release it even wen they had been owing pension b4 Buhari, owing salaries, arrears, gratuity, promotion allowance etc and they couldn’t generate enough to settle their workers n other projects that would have benefited the people,PMB came some states were already owing salaries Benue 8months Suswan, Kogi Wada, Ekiti Fayemi to Fayose time and about 6other states so PMB helped them with Bailout from CBN bcoz of workers and the govs now appealed that part of their PCFund which had been pending since should be given to them to settle some salaries which many of them still misused even Fayose still owing, 7months, Mimiko left 8months so what is State NLC n others doing? If the money was not shared based on what is due to them, do u think Bayelsa, 8L.Gs will get 10 billion n Lagos n Edo will get 8 n 6 billion and do you think Fayose n wike would have been quiet? Please reason don’t just comment for hatred sake. What did you achieve under d pdp, road, railway, water, job car, I paid for immigration job with my wife n suffered so did they refund my money or give me d job but now dat economy is not as good as it ought God is blessing my POS business and my road is good now Benin to Sagamu to Lagos not as bad as when Jonathan even handed over n Benin to EBS Eyaen express, Fashola has solved it. 2yrs to 16yrs n not d same oil price I can’t judge yet unless 4-8 yrs.



What surprises me is that even with tank loads of money that was available to the Jonathan administration, they still could not pay the Paris club refund that states have been demanding for years, not even could they make any savings neither did they build any infrastructure, what exactly did Jonathan Goodluck and his cronies do with the money that accrued from the highest oil boom in history of Nigeria, well over $200Bn,where is the Muchaaaaa?


Bight Ogene:

Wow Kano ₦10B with no oil deposits within the geographical location.



I don’t really understand the formula and factor FG uses to share money in this country. Example, Lagos that contribute more money on the table (aside oil producing states) got 8.3b, Katsina got 8.2b, Kano 10b, Ogun 5.7, Sokoto 6.4, Abia 5.5, Bauchi 6.8, etc. Sharing formula should be based on according to what each state bring to the table. This is one of the many reasons why we MUST practice true federalism.


Tijjani Ahmadu Lawan:

That’s good Mr. President long life and healthy to rebuild our country till 2023.


Goke Odunlami:

Will it not be most appropriate for Governors to immediately publish how the money will be spent????


Okoli Godson Uchenna:

APC Don use style share the common wealth to those it may concern. Why don’t u save for rainy days?


Adeniyi Damilola:

Very soon ur tenure will soon be over, and the true we prevail



The 36 Governors should be fair to their subjects. This is the sixth reimbursement coupled with Monthly Allocation from Federation Account.

The reimbursements are in billions despite that some states are owning workers salaries of several months and retirement benefit.

The states are supposed to provide the basics amenities including Health, Education and Water to mentioned but few to their various states.

The abuses and names calling of central government is shortsightness and unfair in lines with the gestures done to states.

The collective responsibility is required by all and sundry in moving the Nation’s forward.

We have no any country than Nigeria therefore it’s our responsibility to salvage it.

Nigeria we hail thee!


Epsilon_Delta  Guest:

Kano, Rivers and Delta are now equals in revenue generation. Even Borno got almost 8 billion!


Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan:

The acting president Yemi Osinbajo and the finance minister,Mrs.Kemi Adosun, have devised a clear-cut way for every state citizens, of Nigeria, residing in each state in the Federation and FCT-Abuja, to know how much was released and collected by each state governor, to prevent state governors, from further diverting the London/Paris loans, refunds, as most state like Ekiti State, and Ondo State, whose governors, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, and Ayodele Fayose, diverted the similar huge refunds and looted such refunds by such state governors, as pensioners and civil servants, in those states were not paid as they are still being owed seven months of salaries and pension arrears till present time.This way Nigerian-citizens, know how much were collected by their state governors.



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