Yoruba movie sector in 2015 – Piracy has crippled the industry

– Stakeholders lament

Yoruba movie sector in 2015 has been nose diving largely due to nefarious activities of pirates who constantly reap where they didn’t sew.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some stakeholders in the industry, and they all admitted the fact that piracy remains their common enemy. They, however, believe things can still get better.



Not that there are no good movie produced in the Yoruba sector in 2015, but piracy has crippled the industry. To me, we even did better this year than what happened in 2014. I believe we can always do better. There is always room for improvement.

We only need to come under one umbrella so that we can have a common voice to fight piracy which is the industry’s common enemy.



From my own perspective, the industry is moving because there has been a little change or development in the industry. For example, people now have sophisticated cameras, phones and there are more professionals. 2015 has been a year of improvement in the Yoruba movie sector apart from piracy which is the main enemy of the industry.



The industry is developing, people will always say different things about the industry. There will always be criticisms in Nollywood. Everything we see in Nollywood is just a micro of what is happening in Nigeria.

People buy pirated copies and it discourages all of us. That’s exactly the issue. Anyway, I still see us improving except for the pirates who don’t allow us to enjoy the job. But I believe we will get there one day.



When it comes to production, it has really slowed down. The market is also dull. It’s not really moving as expected. But we thank God, we’re gradually getting there.



Piracy is still very much rampant and it’s really affecting the movie industry. Also, the bad economy does not help matters at all. But in all, we still thank God for remaining in the business.


Corporate Pictures boss,  RASAQ ABDULLAHI

The year belongs to pirates. They’re the ones reaping our fruits. A lot of movies were produced in 2015, but piracy has bastardized the whole industry. For instance, if a movie is released in the morning, before the close of the day, you will find its pirated copies all over the place.

We’re not enjoying the business any more. We’re just working for other people. Until a very serious law against piracy is put in place, those engaging in it won’t stop. But in all, we still have to thank God.



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