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11 damaging accusations from Otobo, Suleman’s sex scandal

Stephanie Otobo, a 24 year-old Canada-based singer, has now recanted her sordid, soul-ruining sex scandal involving Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide which titillated all in March 2017.
The lady has confessed that she was misled by a powerful politician and some pastors to invent the tale to blackmail the pastor.
Promised to get her career soaring, she participated in the complex make-believe which trended for months.
At the time, she accused the pastor of being her lover, describing his manhood, sexual preferences and how she made millions from him.

Here’s a recap of some of her allegations:

1. That the picture of the pastor’s penis is documented by her lawyers.

2. That she received millions from the pastor.

3. That they had sex in Nigeria and abroad.

4. That there are documented chats between her and Apostle Suleman with lewd conversations and pictures.

5. That the pastor enjoys kinky sex, fellatio and threesomes.

6. That he told her that he stopped having sex with his wife.

7. That licking her makes him speak in tongues better.

8. That since their affair started in 2015, she was pregnant for him but lost the baby mysteriously.

9. That the pastor paid ladies N400,000 per romp.

10. That he promised her marriage.

11. That when the affair waned, he began threatening her.



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