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2Face Idibia speaks on the triumphs and travails of the last ten years as a solo artiste

THIS year, 2009, makes it a decade that hip-hop singer, 2Face Idibia started as a solo artiste after parting ways with the group, Plantashun Boiz.  The last ten years has been eventful for the Benue born talented singer, he has so far dropped three albums (Face to Face, Grass to Grace and Unstoppable).  He has also been rewarded handsomely with many awards for his effort both locally and internationally.  Not only that, the dark goggle loving singer has twice had it rough with the men of the underworld and escaped from their claws.  God has also blessed the African Queen crooner with five lovely kids from three different women.  The singer, who is the owner of Hypertek Entertainment Company and now being managed by Efe Omoregbe-led Now Musik Company will be busy staging events and concerts in a matter of weeks to celebrate the ten years of recording excellence.  The crooner spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about the triumphs and travails of the last ten years.


Ten years down the line, did you expect you will get to where you are now when you broke away from the Plantashun Boiz group?

2faceI hoped so, I worked towards it.  The way we broke up was so sudden, but I was expecting it, so it didn’t get to me as a shock.  But ten years now, as a solo artiste, I thank God for where I am now, I give glory to Him who made everything possible, we only try our best and leave the rest to God.

What is the high point of attaining ten years of recording excellence?

It takes a lot, it is not easy. It is not every artiste that comes out, stays due to one or two reasons.  An artiste may be very talented but they may not hit limelight, they just make waves in two, three years and it is all over. I just thank God, I think it is the way God just created me with the talent and the kind of person I am and the kind of people I have been fortunate to work with. I think that’s what has kept me till today.  And the fans, the Nigerian people, a combination of these helped me to get to where I am now.

When was the saddest moment for you in the last ten years?

That was when I was shot by armed robbers, I felt really terrible. I really felt, I would have died just like that, that’s how my chapter would have just closed. It really touched me.

How did you get over the shock?

I realized this life is nothing, so that propelled me to wake up and be very more careful about what I do and where I go.

In just ten years, you have released three albums, which of them is the most challenging for you and which of them is the dearest to you?

All of them posed one or two challenges to me, to produce something quality requires a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and sometimes you even think of dropping the idea for some other time.  It’s pretty difficult for me to say one is better than the other because the three of them have different meanings.  Face to Face is a sort of introduction of me as a solo artiste just as the other two have their own meanings.  However, I will leave the judgement of which is best to fans out there.

Which is the highest selling album amongst them?

The first and second albums sold tremendously, the third one, Unstoppable, just came out.  So, I can’t say anything about that yet.  But I think the second album sold the most because the first came as a surprise, the second was widely accepted and this one just came out.

Any major achievements for you in the last ten years?

Major achievement for me in the last ten years is that I became a successful artiste in Nigeria, I am making the money, we have been able to feel ourselves and do one or two things. I became a father, I have won a couple of awards, World Music Awards, MTV Awards, etc.  So, it’s been a fun-filled and fantastic ten years and I am ready to move more in the years ahead.

Among all your awards, which is dearest to you?

I can’t place my hand on anyone because all of them are important to me.

If you will love to describe yourself in few words, what will you say?

I am soulful musically, I am a messenger.

Can you rate yourself in the music industry?

I am not in any category, I am just 2Face Idibia.

In ten years, how much fortunes have you made and how are you investing it?

God has been good to me, definitely I want to invest my money. I need to move around so I must surely buy cars, I must buy houses.

And what are you giving back to the society?

A lot is coming on the way, we have the 2Face Idibia Outreach Foundation, targetted at the youth.  We also plan towards talent hunts.  There is also the Hypretek Football Team, I have guys around me, they don’t really sing but they play football.  It is not yet a football club because we need sponsorship, so we are spending on these areas as a way of giving back to those who made me a star, the fans.

One of your hit tracks, Enter the Place, was banned by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, what is your reaction to that?

The NBC are doing their job, basically we have not been able to ascertain the real reason behind the ban.  My management, Now Musik is doing all things necessary to make sure that there is a meeting with the NBC so as to discuss relevant issues in that respect.

Many things have been written about you in the last ten years, which of them do you consider as being nasty?

That I have sex around.

But you do, you have five kids from three women?

Yes, I do.  But all these girls, I actually dated them.  It’s not one-night stand stuff, I didn’t pick them on the road, I actually dated them.

Do you have any regret about having five kids from three women?

No regret at all. In fact, I thank God for making me bring those children to this world.  I am very happy having them. It is because of them that I am still standing today.

Who among the three girls are you going to marry?

I am surely getting married, but I don’t want to reveal the person now. I want to keep it secret, if it’s one of them you will know at the right time.


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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