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5 colossal losses of Seun Egbeegbe as he spends Christmas in prison

Movie and music marketer Alhaji Oluwaseun Olasunkanmi Olajide Kareem (better known as Seun Egbeegbe), accused of swindling bureau de change operators of N40 million, $28,900 and 4,815 pounds sterling between August 2015 and February 2, 2017, when he was arrested, is spending Christmas behind the high walls of Ikoyi Prisons (Lagos).

The 41-year-old Ogun state indigene who now has three children from three women has spent 10 full months behind bars as he struggles to perfect his bail conditions.

The suspected serial fraudster was first arrested at Computer Village in Ikeja (Lagos) on November 22, 2016, for the alleged theft of 9 iPhone handsets valued at N2.8 million. He was again nabbed on February 2, 2017, for collecting dollars and pounds from forex traders and attempting to elope without paying.

With these cases, he’s been defamed and decapitated in more ways than imagined as his life takes a detour to an unknown destination.

Once popular with tales of a cosy relationship with stars of movies including Toyin Abraham whom he dated before and after her marriage to Niyi Johnson, he’s now a notorious nuisance many have abandoned. 

Here are the biggest losses of the once thriving businessman as compiled by Encomium Weekly:


  1. He can’t be the father of his three children and husband of his three women as he would have liked

Behind bars for as long as 11 months months, how much of a father are you? How can you adequately claim to be a husband?

His two wives (the nurse in the United Kingdom and the one in Nigeria) now joined by a baby mama, Oyenike Yusuf (Nikky Berry), are without the protection, security  and warmth of the head of the family.

And his children don’t have a father figure worth of the title.


  1. His business is crumbling as workers desert and income disappears

The movie and music promoter who upgraded his equipment in readinesss for bigger opportunities is experiencing challenges in the business.  Apart from staffers resigning, his incarceration has taken a toll on the office. Business partners have deserted him and moved on.


  1. He’s lost his dignity, reputation, bragging right and fame

Accused of theft in November 2016 and fraud in February 2017, Seun Egbeegbe soiled his reputation with sticky muck that painted him black.

Being baten and humiliated on two occasions barely two months apart sunk his reputation. And without reputation as a law-abiding citizen who walks on the narrow path where’s his dignity?

His bragging right as a hard-working, smart entrepreneur with four cars and a life of show is now linked to crime.

Instead of fame, he’s now just a notorious nuisance grouped among the crooked and never-do-wells.


  1. He’s abandoned by friends and associates

The long list of friends and associates he cavorted with when he was thought to be a socialite have disappeared. Those he assumed were allies he could count on have skipped.

His bail conditions of two sureties with property in Lagos metropolis, one of which must be a senior civil servant, and N2.5 million each, have not been met. And it’s a declaration that he lived a lie.

He practically has no one he can lean on except his family.


  1. His life hangs in the balance as he’s uncertain of tomorrow 

With stringent bail conditions, a long trial and the clearly dangerous life behind bars, his future is uncertain.

How long will it take to assemble two sureties that the court will accept?

How long with this forex fraud trial last?

What’s his fate with the iPhone theft trial?

Does he have enough resources to hire a good lawyer?

All these questions complicate the future of the socialite who fell on bad times…

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