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Ladies in mad rush for second-hand shoes, bags as Christmas draws nearer

As Christmas season is fast approaching, the demand for fairly used footwear and bags by women across the city of Lagos has jumped far higher than it used to be in the last few months. This, gathered, is part of the preparations for the popular festival.

However, our checks at various markets have revealed that those dealing in the items smile to the banks, at the moment every Monday of the week being the day for the display of the new collection.
A few sellers and buyers of the affordable accessories spoke to stated the reason their demand has always been on the high side towards the end of the year and why they’re much more preferred to new ones.
A tertiary institution student who simply identified herself as Esther said, “A lot of people come here every Monday morning to shop for the new arrivals. The earlier you come the better because if you come pretty late, you’re not likely to get good ones again. And the reason for the increase in demand, for now, is just because Christmas is around the corner, and most people want to buy many shoes and bag to match. And since they’re cheap and durable, you can buy as many as you wish. You can get as cheap as N400 naira shoe and N500 bag. The highest price at times is N1300 or N1500 depending on the quality.”
Another buyer, Chizoma who also spoke in the same vein said, “First, the items are durable and affordable. That’s why many people are always in the rush to get here early on Monday so that they can be the first batch of people to buy better ones. Most of us resell the bags and shoes after washing and polishing them to make them look like new ones. For instance, as Christmas is near, more ladies demand bags and shoes. This gives the sellers the opportunity to make more profit than in ordinary season.”
One of the sellers, Mr Chidozie Bernard also gave an account of his transactions before and now that Yuletide is just some days away, “What I will say is that we make money from the business at any time irrespective of any festival. There’s no particular season for the business. But before 2016, the demand for all these second-hand bags, clothes and shoes by women wasn’t as crazy as what we’re experiencing now. I think it’s because of the recession the country has found itself since 2016. Also, to say the fact, the items are cheaper and more durable than those ones you find in all these boutiques around. So, we enjoy good patronage by women all the time, especially now that the year is running to an end.  Some even bring their guys here to buy for them. But Monday’spatronage has always been the highest every week because that’s the day we usually bring in new goods.”
Another dealer in the second-hand accessories in Ogba, Lagos, Noso Emmanuel said, “There’s higher patronage this time around than ever before. First, times are still very hard. Even, you see high profile ladies parking their cars in the evening selecting the bags and shoes of their choice. At times, some even book ahead. They believe the products are foreign and durable. Most of dealing with the items make more profit when any festival is approaching because there’s usually an increase in the demand for them. We all know women don’t like repeating shoes and bags, that’s why they are always in the search for cheaper ones. And that gives us the opportunity to make more profit.”



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