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Ladies reveal how much they spend to look good

Every lady likes looking good, and don’t mind spending a fortune to do so. They believe looking good and sophisticated enhance their personae. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of ladies on how much they spend to look good every month…


Tayo Taylor

It takes about N20,000 to look good. I have my hair, cream, makeup, clothing items and under garments to think of. At least, I spend N5,000 monthly on my hair. It depends on the style and type of hair I want to make though. I spend N2,000 on my makeup, cream N2,000. I also have some moisturizer I use , I spend about N3,000 on that and the remaining on clothes. Though that is not constant because I don’t buy clothes monthly.


Kadijat Amosun

I will say N15,000. I am not the makeup type, I hardly spend much on that. My hair is N5,000 monthly, cream N5,000, and I pocket N5,000 as well.


Kemi Abifarin

If I am going for a party, I pay for my makeup which is N5,000 per month. I love going for parties a lot, at least three times a month or more. My cream is N1,500. The last hair I made was N4,000, it can be more than that depending on the style I m doing. Clothes might not be regular because I don’t buy them monthly. My soap is N1,000. At least I need N21,000 monthly to look good.


Rofiyat Ibrahim

Maybe N20,000 to N25,000 per month. My cream is N 2,000, my hair is N6,000, clothes and shoes N15,000. Makeup is not regular, once I buy the things I need, they last for more than a month.


Adesokan Temitayo

N5,000 for everything. I am still a students, I look up to my uncles and aunties to assist me. I am not a makeup person – cream is N1,000, soap N300, my hair N2,000. My undergarment takes the remaining change.


Abigail Adegbite

At least N10,000. Cream N3,000, soap N500, weavon N3,000, stylist N2,000. I used the remaining for sanitary wears and undergarments.


Tobi Ogun

The last hair I made was N15,000. If it is wig, it might be more than that because it would be human hair. My cream N7,000, at times I use it for more than a month. My scrub is N2,500,  body moisturizer is N4,000, salt bath is N800. So at least I need about N30,000 per month.


Bunmi Benson

I need about N40,000 though that amount can spill over to another month. For instance, if I buy human hair, I can use it for as long  as possible. My cream is N3,000. Once I buy my makeup things, I can use them for three months. I can spend N5,000 on that. My hair costs N30,000, my body spray is N2,000.


Temitope Abdulazeez

I need about 15,000. I make my hair  every two weeks and I spend N3,000. It can be more depending on the style. Cream N1,500, my soap is N250, my makeup cost N3,000, that may not be monthly though. My wears take the bulk of the money, about N9,000.


Petra Udogu

I need about 20,000. My hair is N5,000, I make it twice a month. Cream is N2,000, my soap is N500, my make up kit is N5,000, I do facials monthly N5,000, my jewelries N1,500. Manicure takes the remaining amount.


Tope Kareem

I spend a lot of money, it is about N15,000. My hair is N6,000 per month, soap N500 and I will use two, makeup kit N5,000, my pedicure is N1,500. The remaining is for miscellaneous expenses.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for



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