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Ladies and men reveal the number of underwear they have and how often they change them

Bra and panties are considered the most essential under wears for women, married or single. However, not many understand that this material should be worn only once irrespective of quantities acquired or purchased or even how expensive they are.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s findings have revealed that a number of women have as many as ten panties, four bras. A lot of these women said they cannot repeat any of these items as doing such cause health hazard due to sensitivity to delicate part of their body…



How many bras and panties should a lady have?

As many as she can afford. It is also part of her personal hygiene. The more, the better.

How many days should she wear a bra and panties?

Ideally, a lady should wear a bra once because of sweat. The underwear is a no go area. It is once and she must wash it. I can never wear panties twice.



As many as possible. It all depends on her. Some wear a pair for each day of the week. It must be worn one per day. Be it bra or panties. It should be washed before it is worn again.



Averagely, a woman should have up to 15 panties and three to five bras. Panties should be worn once. The bra can be worn twice or thrice, if it’s black. The bright colours should be worn once.



A woman needs at least one dozen panties and few bras like six. She can wear her panties once and change to a new one the next day. While she can wear her bra thrice a week but she shouldn’t forget to use a panty liner.



A lady should have at least 14 panties. That can last for two weeks. Bra and panties should be worn once a day if you wear them all day. Panties should be worn once a day regardless of the number of hours. Bras can be worn twice if you wear it for half a day.



Women should have not less than 10 panties and five bras. They should be washed once it’s used.



I have at least 15 pairs aside the once I use for my period. I have six bras too. I wear a panty per day and dispose when I am no longer comfortable in them. I also war a bra per day. At times, I wear two bras in a day. I may want to change my outfit and may not be comfortable in the bra I wore in the morning, so I change it.



I have more than enough panties I can wear for a week. I have four bras. Panties should be worn daily while bras can be worn three times a week.



I have more than enough panties to last me for two weeks. I also have five bras. I wear a panty per day or two per day. I might want to go for an outing and decide to change my panty maybe because of the colour or for more comfort.



I have 15 panties and four bras. I wear a panty per day. I love wearing trousers so once I feel a panty is not suitable for my trouser, I remove and wear another one. I can end up wearing two per day at times.

I wear my bra more than twice a week, that is why I prefer black bras.



I have eight panties and four bras. I have panties that can last for a week. I wear a panty per day. I wear a bra twice before washing.



I have 10 panties and three bras. I wear a bra per day and a panty pr day as well.



I have 12 panties and six bras. I make sure I don’t repeat a panty until after two weeks. I wear one per day. For me, it’s one panty and one bra per day. I can’t wear a panty twice. I will have rashes all over my skin, the same with wearing a bra twice.


Men reveal how often they change their underwear

Men underwear, precisely boxers, briefs and singlets are also fashion accessories. Many men today tend to invest in clothes that they wear forgetting the inner ones. Research has shown that less than 8 in 10 men change their underwear every day.

The truth about men’s underwear habit in Nigeria today is that 2 in 5 men do not bother to change their underwear every day.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of Nigerian men concerning the habit of changing their underwear. In the chat, they revealed how often they change their underwear and the ideal number of underwear a man should have.



I am not a lady. I don’t do period so why should I change my boxers every day? I have five briefs and two singlets. I change them every two days.



I have lots of boxers that I can’t even count. I do change my boxers everyday but I wear my singlet twice before washing them.



I take care of my underwear the same way I treat my expensive clothes. I have about 15 boxers and 7 singlets. I don’t repeat any for two days. The only thing that can make me wear a boxer or singlet for two days is probably if I was unable to go home that day, then I have to wear it till the next day.



I am a mechanic. You don’t expect me to keep buying and changing underwear when I know the nature of my job. I have clothes and underwear that I normally wear when I am at work. So, also I have the ones that I wear when I am not working. I have about five boxers and two singlets. If you check most of the boxers and singlets, they are stained with oil. It’s not that I am dirty, it’s just the nature of my work.



To be sincere, I don’t wear singlet but I have round-neck tops that I wear. I usually change my boxers every two days and I have about five boxers.



I can’t count my singlets and boxers. I have more than enough. I usually wear a singlet a day but I can change my boxers twice a day depending on how the weather is.



Considering the amount of pee stains and heat, I usually change my boxers twice in a day, one in the morning and then in the evening. I have about ten boxers and four singlets.



I usually change my boxers and singlet in the evening after daily hustle. I have up to 20 boxers and 10 singlets but I change them every day.



I don’t wear boxers. I don’t have any, but I change my singlet daily.



Of course, I wear boxers and singlet because I wouldn’t feel comfortable without them. I won’t tell you how many times I change them, that would revealing too much information about me



I change my boxers once in two days and I have just a singlet. So, I wear it every day.



I buy disposable boxers. I change it anytime I take off my trousers. I have just two singlets and I change them anytime I like.



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