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Ladies reveal how much they spend to look good (3)

Every lady likes looking good, and don’t mind spending a fortune to enhance their personalities. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of ladies on how much they spend to look good.


Bose Jennifer (N10,000)

It takes almost N10,000 to look good.

I make my hair once in a month and I spend N2,000 – N2,500. I am not the makeup type so let’s say my cream usually cost N2,000 too.

My soap in a month is N1,000.

Manicure is once in a month for me and it’s N1,000.


Biola Temitope (N6,000)

I don’t usually spend so much, it depends on what I get from my uncles and aunties. I spend about N6,000. I make my hair every month.

It depends on the hair style, at least N4,000.  I don’t buy clothes monthly, toiletries N1,500.


Florence Atteh (N10,000)

I love my natural hair most times. I just pack it to the back and I am good. Once in a while, like in 3 or even 4 months I braid once which will cost N4,000 – N6,000. You can break that down for those months. I do my nails only when I am going to parties, which is once in a while, and I spend like N2000 to do nails. I do manicure myself. I buy cream once in two months and the cream cost N3,600 only. I think it is only cream that could be broken down easily. Not up to N10,000 per month.


Oyinkansola Alabi (N40,000)

On my toiletries I spend N8,000.

Making of my hair N10,000.

Nails N2,000.

Manicure and pedicure N5,000.

Clothes N15,000.

All together N40,000.


Bisi Olabisi (N30,000)

Maybe N30,000. My toiletries, hair and clothes. I love clothes so I pick one almost every month.

Hair N12,000

Toiletries: N3,000

Clothes: N15,000


Tope Adewale (N25,000)

I spend not so much in a month depending on my beauty routine and my financial status at that moment. For my hair I spend about N10,000. Soap and cream costs N10,000 (but I don’t have to buy this every month), Manicure costs N5,000 and for my make up I do not buy every month but they are expensive, depending on the brand either Mac, MaryKay, Sarin etc

I will estimate about N25,000 if I don’t have to include some things.


Kemi Raji (N40,000)

I spend a minimum of N40,000 depending on certain factors such as the style of hair. If I exhaust my make up in that month, it can be more than that at times. I am presently wearing a twist, braided twist, and it cost N20,000. My cream is N3,000, my soap is N1,000, my manicure is N5,000, pedicure is N5,000. I change my under garment every month, I spend at least N5,000.


Ruth Toluhi (N50,000)

Maybe N50,000. It is not constant but it wouldn’t go beyond that.

Hair takes as much as N30,000 depending on the type of hair I make. I bought the one I am using at N30,000. My cream and soap cost N10,000. I do manicure and pedicure at N5,000. I don’t usually buy cosmetics monthly but if I do, it would cost N5,000.


Patience Davids (N10,000)

I am not yet working so I cut my coat according to my cloth.

I spend about N10,000 to look good. I believe one can still look good with the little money you have. My hair cost N3,000, make up N1,000, I love clothes so much that I can’t stop buying and buying.  I spend N6,000 and that is all.


Dorcas Mensah (N30,000)

N30,0000  per month. I make my hair with N10,000. Toiletries N 4000. Sometimes I change my hair two times in a month.

Soap and cream N4,000. And I use the rest as miscellaneous expenses.


Mercy Okafor (N34,000)

Looking good can cost a fortune but I try as much as possible not to over spend so I wouldn’t blame myself later on.

I use baby lotion, it cost N3,000 and the soap is N1,000 each. I love wearing human hair, I don’t go for the very expensive one, maybe N20,000 but I don’t buy it every month. I don’t make my nails.




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