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Ladies reveal how much they spend to look good (2)

Every lady likes looking good, and don’t mind spending a fortune to enhance their personalities. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of ladies on how much they spend to look good.



It cost just a token to look good on my side, I am still a student depending on my parents, uncles and aunties. I make my hair every month with at least N4,000. My make up and accessories last for three months but if I want to buy, I would need N4,000 as well. My cream and soap cost N3,000. I don’t do facials because I am not yet working. I try to buy at least a top every month, with N2000 I can do that. So, at least, N13,000 per month to look good.



I will need up to N20,000 to look good every month. I spend N5,000. I make my hair two times a month, I like buying weavon that would last. I spend N3,000 on cream, soap is N1,000, jewels N1,000. I love dropping jewels, I have a handful of it. I go for facials N6,000 every month, the remaining N2,000 is for perfume.



Looking good is one of the things I love most, my accessories must match my wears and it is not just any one but fashionable ones. I can spend N50,000 to look good in a month. I spend N30,000 on my clothes alone, N10,000 on my accessories, N5,000 for my hair and N5,000 for cream and soap.



Maybe N40,000 . I don’t joke with my cream and hair. I spend about N30,000 for the two while the remaining N10,000 is for any other expenses.



It all depends on your pocket, everybody can look good but it takes money to do that. As for me, I don’t think I need so much because I am not an extravagant person. With N15,000 I can manage per month. My hair takes N4,000, my cream and soap takes N3,000, my accessories and wears takes N7,000, while I use N1,000 is for make up.



Looking good can cost a fortune, especially for a beautiful lady like me. What I spend monthly varies depending on how rich I am. I can spend N50,000 now and the following month spend N70,000. I spend more if I am making my hair and I decide to use human hair, the least I used to buy is N40,000. Making it cost N5,000. For my cream and soap, I spend N5000. I do pedicure and manicure N10,000, I buy a dress or top every month N10,000.



I spend N10,000 per month. N3,000 for my hair two times a month, my cream N2,000, soap N1,000. I make my nails two times a month for N1000.






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