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How to safely dispose your sanitary pads

Disposal of sanitary pads has always been a common problem everywhere. Ladies are usually confused as to how to properly and safely dispose sanitary pads in our part of the world where people believe in rituals and the likes.

Proper disposal is a major concern for ladies. There have been several occasions where people have been caught at refuse dumps and dustbins picking used sanitary pads to be used for alleged ritual purposes. This is why ladies should learn to dispose their used sanitary pads and keep them away from the sight of people.

Some people might find this disgusting to talk about, but it is an important topic that deserves special attention. According to reports, an average woman uses 12,000 disposable feminine care products in her lifetime, hence the need to carefully dispose them.

ENCOMIUM Weekly compiled some of the best ways to dispose your sanitary pads safely. Remember to always wash your hands immediately after discarding sanitary products and make sure it is well wrapped and placed in a trash can with a lid that is out of reach of rodents, pets and little children.



Many ladies are in the habit of flushing their used sanitary pads down the toilet drain and this is totally wrong and should not be done as it blocks and clogs the drain causing serious plumbing issues. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be when the plumber comes to fix the drainage then he discovers it has been blocked and he starts to bring out what’s causing the blockage.

Toilets might seem like the most convenient and quick way to get rid of a used pad, but these products are made to absorb and can grow up to 10 times their normal size. So, rather than shrink, they increase in size when they come in contact with liquid. Sanitary pads do not disintegrate or decompose when flushed down the toilet, instead they increase in size.



A used sanitary pad can be double packed or wrapped in a polythene bag, so when you buy petty items from the store or market, save the nylon for your period days.

Neatly wrap the pad in the soft wrapper that it comes in then tie up neatly in your nylon and toss it in the trash can.



It makes a lot of sense to simply wrap the used sanitary pad in the soft nylon that it comes with then wrap in a newspaper before disposing carefully. Make sure the pad is wrapped in a way that no one can suspect or guess what you have wrapped up.



You should never throw your used pad away without properly wrapping it. It should be wrapped in a way that no one can guess what’s in the package. You should first roll the used pad up and wrap in the soft nylon the pad come with then you wrap around with tissue paper.

Concealing it properly in a way that the soft nylon isn’t showing, doing this makes it really difficult for anyone to know it is a used pad.




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