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Are you good in bed? Men reveal bedroom secrets

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties, but some guys can spoil the fun because they are not good in the act.
This week, we sampled opinions of men to know if they are good in bed and why they think they are good.
Fatade Akeem
Are you good in bed?
I will say I am an average person in bed.
How do you know?
I am an average person because I can do at least two rounds .
What are the things you do that shows you are good?
When you do two rounds, it shows you are good. Some people can go four rounds. A man who is good in bed should have ejaculation at least twice a week and each time he must not last less than 10 minutes minimum and minimum of eight times a month. I think I have passed that test.
Where did you learn from?
It is natural, I have read a lot of books about sex but I rarely think about sex in this economy. You have to think about the family pressure and how to cater for your household.
Samuel Akanni
I am very good in bed.
In one hour, I can do two rounds.
I enjoy the backside style well. It is my best position. At least I can handle a lady for four rounds with that style.
It is natural. I don’t think you learn bed antics, it is natural.
Ajasa Farouk
It all depends, but for you to satisfy a woman, you must last up to ten minutes. Stroke in and out, at least  a hundred times. You just have to satisfy your woman. I think I fall into that category.
Like I said, I can satisfy  woman. I can last at least ten minutes before ejaculating .
I enjoy foreplay and I do a lot of it, I don’t put time to it.
Deji Tajudeen
Yes, I am good in bed.
I know my ability in bed and the Lady I am with also talks about it.
I am not the fast one in bed. I take my time to cuddle and do fore-play before the major action.
Nobody, it is natural.
Surajudeen Adeniji
Yes, I am good in bed.
It is what I have experienced, I last long before I ejaculate. I am not the two-minute guy.
I am versatile with different styles, I go to the extent that the Lady had to beg me that she can’t bear it again.
It is God’s endowment
Segun Micheal
Yes, I am
My wife and my girl friends told me told me so. You can’t blow your own trumpet .
The techniques, foreplay, kissing, touching other sensitive parts were learnt from Yoruba movie.
Tunde Daniels
Yes, I am very good in bed.
My girls do tell me about my abilities in bed.
I last long in bed, I am not the two-minute guys.
I had to educate myself
Jeremiah Johnson
Yes, I am
I am not the noodles guy.
I last long before coming in bed. I may not come in 40 minutes.
I learnt it from no where
Henry Nelson
Yes, I am.
I last long before coming.
I love foreplay a lot. I don’t joke with it and my enjoys it as well.
It is just natural.
Kunle Oke
Yes, I am good in bed.
My antics are unique, it is rare for a lady to leave me because I satisfy them in bed.
My manhood is big and it fills a lady well, most of them tells me that.
God, I did nothing to it.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 



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