Fans angry as Eazi cancels Houston concert

Fans of Mr. Eazi are very upset as the singer cancelled his Houston (Texas) concert at the last minute.
The singer whose real name is Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade who’s been spending time with Temi Otedola, daughter of billionaire mogul (Femi Otedola) in Miami shocked fans with the announcement on instagram.
He posted:
Mr. Eazi concert postponed
And his fans are unhappy at the short notice.
Here are some comments …
  • d00neyb – I didn’t know you where coming tomorrow
  • iam_kissylankey – Cool
  • oluwa_nice – Ehya sorry
  • vdj_bombastic@itz_mizpear – l I hope It’s not that type of Temi’s love sha! Please o… Woh be a good girl
  • chu – It’s that Otedola girl that caused it. If I was dating her me sef I’ll postpone anything – concert, studio, album release, eating, sleeping, breathing. Everything
  • sincerelysamuellaLmao – thank God we didn’t make arrangements to go. @amara_ua
  • itsrourou – 4realNoooooooo😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔 am getting ready for it💔💔💔
  • pwettydol – Nice one👏👏👏👏you gat to chill mehn🙌🙌🙌
  • theadaugo_o😂😂😂 please someone read chuey’s comments
  • mrsosla – That otedola geh lol
  • nadanadaxoahhh – was flying to houston for this oo. hmm kmt
  • dopesylberry – …so I’ll have to wait for a new date then..
  • elmix – Noooo 😩😩
  • habbasbinhabbas- Now you are talking, I told you rest 😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀
  • beat2the_t – Wow! I had my weekend set😩😡
  • twineebee7@chuey.chu – Please, don’t let me faint 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • oluwadolapoo@chuey- chu una don craze finish😂😂😂
  • i_am_bason – Fine boss
  • okezo424 – Oga do quick give that girl belle. No say I no tell u o
  • hknsulisLol- baba dey enjoy with his babe😂😂😂 @kingvictus
  • tuwangayibe – Everything is easy wit Mr eazy
  • rickyis2fresh@chuey.chu – i tell you.. I for even postpone my life join 😂😂😂
  • Lolted – How was this just announced ONLY via Instagram – and the portal to purchase tickets wasn’t closed. It’s a shame I thought this would have been an opportunity to see a well-executed event by a Nigerian performer. But just as much. This was posted 11 Hours ago but the venue site / ticket portal still available. Not even so much as an email sent to those that purchased tickets.
  • Dorikool – Whoaa when is Atl?? Where do I get the tix??
  • kij95@mreazi – Temi would not even think of dating you if not for us fans who made you Mr.Eazi. I’m extremely disappointed as well as the rest of your Houston fans.
  • lola_arewa- Honestly, this is such a shame.. there is always a problem with Nigerian concert. Pls next time u postponed a show a day b4, u should send out email to those who purchase ticket online and also the ticket portal should not be available. Very very disorganized @mreazi.
  • oyinade_16@olubunmiiii see chuey.chu – comment the breathing part kill me😩😂
  • shafeoflaife- Bro, you no get swag at all but your music dope sha. 😩
  • izzygrace@chuey – chu that’s funny 😂😂
  • undisputted_hargbolahan – Even if them no postpone am where I wan see money come to ur show @mreazi I wish to come but no money
  • ebenezerdavis – Does anyone have any details as to who we need to contact to get ticket refunds?
  • htown_nomadlifestyle@mreazi – you just pulled a kanye on me. Well thank God its Drake week in Houston.
  • kij95@ebenezer – davis ticketfly is issuing refunds. I just called them. But it takes 3-5 business days



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