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Is Eazi cheating on billionaire’s daughter, Temi Otedola?

Many have rubbished the claim of Krubo Johnson who labelled Mr. Eazi her lover!

The lady’s post on instagram labelling the singer as her lover has been described as untrue.
The picture she posted appeared to be at a concert, and many remarked that she’s an infatuated fan of the musician who’s in a widely publicised romance with Temi, the daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola.
Here’s Krubo Johnson’s post:
And here are some comments:
  • adepeju_agunbiade – Don’t ruin a good relationship please
  • _iamhennessey – Attention seeker 😂😂😂😂 you beg person for picture now using it against them .temi no go even bother lol.wan dy drag boyfriend with your younger sister age mate 😂😂😂😂😂. ✋receive sense
  • nicole_lolah – It seems she’s not getting enough air into her brain, with her nose like small letter ‘m’. Awon enemy of progress 😏😏😏
  • niyi_martins – Just marking instablog attendance! Present sir!!!!!!
  • Idiolnupo – Post a picture from another event and we will probably believe u or better still a cozy picture of just u and him 🤔
  • Ademachismo – This is just fan love……people should chill na, if she had given Davido or Wizkid a S/O like this, people won’t crucify her o. Mr Eazi is in the entertainment industry and would surely have a lot of female fans. I’m sure Temi knows this.
  • bobrisky222_dislikepage – I guess this picture is just for fun right??? Please go and look for your heart in another body cos it’s definitely not mr Eazi.
  • yola_smallz@jtofashion – see your left hand 😁😁😁 is with another right hand 😂😂😂😂.
  • sha_ron_nie@mreazi plix – I’m not hunderstanding @iamgodwynguitar plix show him 😂
  • b – Awon daleru daleru always trying to ruin people’s joy
  • miz_sharry – From the look of the pictures you wuld knw she was more into d pics Dan Mr Eazi
  • itsviaan – She ain’t ugly… Is it a crime to wish happy birthday again? Na wa o
  • tmoneymoni – Attention sicker 😂😂😂😂 hav u forgotten tat his on a relationship wif a rich kid who knows how to spend n treat a man rite? Pls don’t put salt in dere garri . Let me cum n go 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽😀
  • r.t.i.n.u.k.e – Haaa! Alakoba
  • blazingd2 – Why are people assuming she is lying
  • blazingd2 – People quick to protect the men
  • _pholuwar- .. Nigerians thoo….. the insults are just unnecessary…. the person she tagged sef did not reply…. Be carrying person matter for head like bag of garri…. Mtchewww
  • tim_digi – boyfriend not your followers list is that one boyfriend…
  • shuga_and_spice@tim_digi – hahahahaha ,it’s ghost boyfriend 😂😂😂😂
  • bluntely – Who is retarded daughter of a fool?! This picture be looking like 10yrs ago. Dude prolly uses and dumped your disgusting arse 😂😂😂. Desperado of life…. Take your stupidity award of the year! No self esteem whatever. I’m glad @mreazi has found himself a decent, ladylike, and Intelligent bae @jtofashion
  • dovella_ – She finally got the attention.. Oshey baddest 🙌🙌🙌 non of her post v ever gotten dis kind comments. It worked 👏 👏👏👏
  • akintunde_oyindamola – He could be her friend and dey close, that’s y she wrote that caption, I’m just wondering why it’s one picture of him she has, it looks like it was just an opportunity to take a picture with him, show us some more girl…
  • dharmy_brun – Boyfriend wey no follow u
  • mimichide – Enemy of progress with ur 1500 jeans…
  • oyeleye_apro – bably just a bday shout out from a fan.. do u guys know how many female fans call celebs their boy friend? .. she clearly like mr eazi alot.. Buh dat doesnt mean she is actuali claiming to be his babe.. pple shd chill abeg..
  • itz_barbie_richy_ – Ghen Ghen………temi otedola where re u, comman cari ur bobo ooo
  • therealmacjacobIssa – alakoba something. Aunty u re allowed to trend for da mean time👏👏
  • steaaal@bettyberry_1 – who asked u
  • ms_rebeccadublin😂😂😂😂 – she can’t even spell wanna!she is clearly a fan! Mr eazi knows better
  • naomituyi – Oh wow😂😂
  • tarah_dulzura – Auntie, are you serious? Abi, you just seek attention?? 😛😛
  • kemisola – Are u for real
  • … – Oshey abeg even if he is your bf…move on… Otedola is on this meat..now..Una no fit dey chop same beef..except you want your teeth to remove…just move on…
  • nuechi – Mogbe😂😂😂😂😂
  • endyblast – Weldone madam. We see u
  • dat_kpako_boi – Joke or no joke ,aunty dis is by far the dumbest thing u wud have ever done in ur life …🚮
  • official_royal_slayers – Guys calm down, let it unfold, u guys should just keep tagging Eazi and otedola, letz see wat happens
  • tim_digiget – ready for mentions aunty
  • obee22 – How can you be so dumb, now I see you’ve gat no God given brain. What do you stand to gain by posting this? #Attentionseeker
  • obee22@tarah_dulzura – she can’t be serious and you know this. One picture almost 10 poses, what does that say? #FRAUD
  • tim_digi – boyfriend that is not on your followers list is that one boyfriend…



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