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10 deadly dark spots you should be wary of in Lagos

Lagos, no doubt, is Nigeria’s most populous and heterogenous state harbouring people of different cultural backgrounds. In fact, it’s rated as the third largest city in Africa after Johannesburg and Cairo. And second fastest growing city also in Africa. 

However, the level of heterogeneity of the state has informed the reason the crime wave is always on the high side compared to other states in the country. And among the darkest and most notorious spots known for different forms of crimes as revealed by ENCOMIUM Weekly,  include Mushin, Oshodi, Apapa-Ajegunle, Agege, Papa-Agbotikuyo/Orile Agege, Bariga, Oworonsoki, Anthony Village, Mile 2, Ikorodu, Ketu, Bariga, Pleasure-Ile epo, Awolowo Way, Ikoyi, Obalende and others.



This is, perhaps, the most notorious area of Lagos on account of the high violent crimes that have characterized the place for years. As a matter of fact, Mushin’s notoriety could be said to be date back to 70s. Among the hottest spots in the vicinity are, Alajara, Ojelade, Olosa, Morocco, Oju irin, among others. Mushin being a hot bed of gangsters and rival cultists have remained the problem area of the state.

It’s one of the most populous areas of the state and with almost the highest degree of volatility. The vicinity is usually terrorised by cultists who always engage themselves in supremacy battle. The trend of their nefarious activities always create undue tension in the area. And at times, when violence errupts, it claims innocent lives and consumes property worth millions of naira.

Apart from the cultists killing themselves, innocent residents and passersby are sometimes caught in the crossfire. Also, all these identified areas in Mushin are known for robbery and pickpocketing even during the day.



This is another dark spot in Lagos. It’s the most dreaded area in Somolu Local Government. It is also identified with different forms of crimes, violent and non violent ones. Robbery, rape, kidnapping and violent cult clashes have been reported in the area in recent times. Criminals reportedly lurk around the area in wee hours with a view to waylay passersby, especially women who they end up raping and dispossessing of their belongings.



Ikorodu is also a major town in Lagos, sharing boundary with Ogun state. It has many suburbs, including Ogijo, Odogunyan, Ijede and others. Among the trouble spots in the vicinity are, Isawo/Owutu, Igbo Olomu, Ogolonto, Anibaba, Itu nla, among others. All these areas and few others are known for different criminal activities, including rape, kidnapping, robbery, cult fracas and more. And currently, the notoriety of Ikorodu rose to another rank with the  invasion of some communities by a dreaded group called Badoo which has wiped off many families in the area. The dastardly activities of this group have since put the police on their toes. Ikorodu residents generally have been living in fear since Baddo invasion.



This is also a very volatile spot in Lagos state. It’s a place known for various heinous crimes, including kidnapping, traffic robbery, cult clash despite producing entertainers and soccer stars. People in Ajegunle are of mixed setting, and not only that, it’s one of the dirtiest settlements in Lagos state.

That’s why, perhaps, the more reason criminals find solace in the area.


  1. AGEGE

Ageges’s hooliganism could also be dated back to the 70s just like the case of Mushin, Oshodi and Oju Elegba. It’s a hot bed of touts. And places like Isale Oja, AP, Pen Cinema, Oju irin (Railway) are very dangerous, especially in the night.

All these places are known for phone theft, traffic robbery, violent clashes and more. Although, regular raids by the police have been putting the criminal activities in the area in check.



Of course, Oshodi hitherto was the most dangerous place in Lagos. But since former governor of the state, Babatunde Raji Fashola put in place operation light up Lagos which Oshodi hugely benefitted from, criminals using the high way as their den vanished into thin air.

Since, passersby, especially those returning from work have been moving freely and confidently without any fear of molestation and unnecessary harassment by hoodlums who then took delight in snatching bags, necklace, phones, cash from women especially.

However, what now characterises the place that makes it a dangerous zone is violent crisis between rival National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) groups. And that has led to the death of many in the area.



This is another dreaded area of the state. It’s also densely populated with different ethnic and religious groups. Robbery is not common in this place but sudden eruption of violence, especially among youth which may be free for all. And sometimes affect innocent residents of the area. Also, there have been reports of pickpocketing along the axis which extend to Iyana Ipaja bus stop.  a



This is also a very deadly den of criminals in Okokomaiko area of the state. The place is mostly known for recruiting young criminals. Even, teenagers are not left out. It’s one of the areas enjoying serious attention of the police. The youth are constantly involved in smoking Indian hemps both day and night. Their nefarious activities have been giving the residents sleepless nights.



This is also a very dangerous zone as traffic robbers parade themselves openly, and many have fallen victims of the ugly circumstances. The attention of the police has been drawn to the route which informed their regular patrol of the area, especially in the night.


  1. OJOTA

This is another dangerous spot usually known for violent crimes, traffic robbery and pick pocketing both day and night. The concentration of many routes along the vicinity does not help matters at all. The hoodlums in the area equally extend their dangerous activities to Ketu where a lot of people have been reportedly dispossessed of their belongings openly.





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