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Nigerians lament horrible state of Ifo, Abeokuta federal road

The bad state of federal roads along Ifo to Abeokuta express way is the source of worry for Nigerians who ply the roads on a daily basis. Those spoke with revealed that the Government is doing nothing to end the situation as it is causing traffic jams and loss of lives.

They beckoned on the federal government to do something fast as their lives are at stake.
Here are their responses. . .


Mr Azeez

We are facing a lot of stress in this Ifo, Abeokuta express way. Things have been hard for us that live along this areas. To go to work is now something else. We are pleading with the federal government to provide a quick solution to that road.


Mr Kolawole Gbenga

Federal roads are bad. I was thinking about it when I was going to Oshodi. From Ikeja Along down to toll gate is in bad state, very bad and Nigerians are paying their taxes.
So what are they doing with the money? I am very sorry for Nigeria.


Mr Ijaduade Goriola
The road is damn too bad. We spend longer hours before getting to our destinations. Government should do something fast.


Oyewole Damola
It shows that the country is sick, because everything is getting worse. I can’t see the work of President Buhari. If the state government attempts to do the road, they will not allow them to do it. I don’t know why they are doing so. They should come to Lagos state to learn from them. The Lagos state government is really trying, he worked on every corner of roads that are bad in Lagos. Why can’t they copy the way Lagos state government is doing.


Sanusi Olabisi
I wouldn’t blame the current administration for the state of federal roads in the country. Most of these roads in the Federal government’s book of record have been constructed because the project had been assigned to the representatives of such constituency. And the representatives would claim they have done the construction. Damages on federal roads didn’t start in this administration.


Smith Caroline
The road is getting worst every day, it’s even giving us a lot of stress to get to work. Not only the workers, it delays many people. A place you are supposed to use like 30 minutes, it will take you more than an hour to get to your destination. And the federal government is looking without providing any solution to it. All because they are not passing the place.


Makinwa Moyosoore
I don’t see any reason why the government keeps abandoning the road. This road we are talking about is where most people pass, and they are looking at it without any solution to it. We are sick and tired of this our president’s regime because we can’t see any positive change in our country, all we are seeing is negative.


Chinwe Onyedinachi
Not only the Abeokuta road is bad, they are even some roads which is supposed to be done by the federal and they refused to do them. Still they are collecting tax from us and they have never done anything for us. In terms of the economy, power supply and this road we are talking about, what is the essence of the president we have. The whole thing is frustrating.


– Shukurat Alimi for




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