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Have you come across meat preserved with formalin?

Some butchers are using formalin, the chemical used to preserve dead bodies in preserving beef, as they keep flies away from the meat. A post on social media that it is a national public health issue is trending. 

The post revealed that after his friend’s wife lost a baby through miscarriage, an investigation showed the presence of formalin in her blood. When consumed, formalin goes to the liver and destroys it. All because she ate a meat that was preserved with formalin. sought opinions of Nigerians on if they have come across meat preserved with formalin.

Below are their responses…


Shoneye Dunmininu

Yes, I’ve witnessed it on a particular day I went to the market to get some ingredients. I decided to buy meat as well. When I got to the meat seller, and I found out that there are pieces of meat that flies are not perching on, then I decided to ask the seller. His response was that he does put water on his meat to avoid any fly which was an absolute lie. Then I decided to change to another person to get my meat.


Agunbiade Rose

I have noticed that but, I never knew that they were putting formalin on it, I just thought maybe they preserved them with insecticide.


Adeyeye Bisola

No, I have not really noticed that, and I don’t think it’s possible that flies will not perch on meat.


Ogunbiyi Bolanle

No, I haven’t heard of it, as a matter of fact, I’ve never noticed whether flies are perching on a meat or no. The truth is, flies have always been around meat.


Oke Shola 

I’ve also heard of it but have not really experienced it, what I know is that meat sellers are always surrounded by flies.


Bolatan Shade

I think it might be true because have seen a case whereby there are no flies at all on the man’s meat, but I thought that the meat was fresh but don’t know that it has been preserved in formalin.


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium




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