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Can you live with your partner before marriage?

Marriage is honourable when the bed is undefiled. But some couples decide to live together before marriage, either to satisfy their urge or test their compatibility.

encomium.ng sampled opinions of youths on if they can live with their partners before marriage.

Here are their opinions…


Abdsalam Mariam

No, I can’t. I am a Christian, my Bible is against it. I believe in waiting till we are joined together. What if he wakes up and says no, even if I am pregnant? It is better to live apart before marriage.


Chidinma Obasi

No, I can’t live with him until being properly married to him. Moving in together before marriage is not a good idea. A young couple needs to get married and learn each other’s habit. While they are still new and in love, they need to learn and grow together.


Emmanuel Tobiloba

Yes, I can live with her, but she must be gainfully engaged because if she stays at home all day, I will be so tired of that relationship.


Oluwatobiloba Owolabi

No. Because we are only permissible to live with each other if the akhidu nikkah (wedding) has been done and the consent of both parents is very important.


Soji Damola

There is nothing bad in it if you’ve known your families and both of you love each other very well. Then you can live together before marriage and it will even create a chance for you to get to know each other’s behaviour well.


Fisayo Awobimpe

Yes, once my parents know him I can live with him before marriage to know him more.


Zakariyau Yetunde

No, I can’t live with him because we’ve not been hooked up and is not even good for my religion. It’s fornication, I can’t do it.


Damilola Kolawole

No, I can’t live with him before marriage. Because when couples move in together before marriage, the thought is always in the back of their minds that’s it okay if it doesn’t work out. Once couples have exchanged marriage vow, it gives the union a feeling of permanence and couples are more inclined to put more effort into making it work.


Alisha Oluwaseun

I can’t live with my partner without proper marriage. Not ideal, I attended my friend’s wedding so I want them to attend my wedding too because moving in with can stop the wedding because we may end up bearing children without the wedding.


Idowu Rukayat

No, men can be funny when you move in. They won’t be bothered about it, you start making babies for them without even paying your bride price.


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium.ng




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