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My worst aso ebi experience

It has become Nigerians’ tradition to sell Aso ebi whenever the need for partying comes up. While some people go as far as using Aso ebi as a means to select who enters the arena, others use it as a way of generating money and profits. However the case may be, one cannot do away with such tradition of buying an Aso ebi as it has become a tradition in most part of the country, especially among the Yorubas.

Nigerians shared their experience on the worst Aso ebi they have bought…



I think it’s the one I bought N5,000 and it’s Ankara. The cloth shrank thereafter. Before getting any Aso ebi’ I think I watch out. And I might not buy Aso ebi’, especially Ankara that is N5.000 again.



The worst Aso ebi I can remember is the one sold at a high price and the cloth is not even good. The day I collected the cloth that is when I noticed that it’s not good because it faded after washing it. Since then I have not been buying any Aso ebi the woman sell again.



If I buy any Aso ebi I use to have it in mind that I will just wear it to the party. After the party, there is nothing more. That means I have got the return on investment. Because I count it as fees to eat in parties.



I’ve not had worst Aso ebi experience. Because I hardly drop money for Aso ebi except the person is a family or close friend.



I hardly buy Aso ebi but if it is compulsory for me to buy Aso ebi I will look at the quality before I buy it. If it worth the amount that is sold then I can buy but I never experienced any worst Aso ebi before.



The worst Aso ebi I bought is the one sold for me N10,000. I bought it because it’s gate pass. But unfortunately, when getting to the party it was not worth it at all. I did not eat at that party. Since then I have said I am not buying any Aso ebi again and I have not been buying it.



People just sell Aso ebi because they want to gain they don’t care about quality. I can remember the one I bought for my area, the woman sold it for N3000 and the cloth was sold in the market N1500 and is original Ankara. After the day I wore it to the party I could not wear it again


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