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What we love about Nigerian weddings

When it comes to weddings in Nigeria, people go extra miles to leave that day remarkable and never to be forgotten in a hurry. Nigerian weddings are unarguably colourful with a touch of fashion and tradition. With the nature of weddings in Nigeria, people never get fed up with attending weddings, not minding whether they are closely related to the celebrant or not.

encomium.ng sampled opinions of few Nigerians on what they love about Nigerian weddings. 

Here are their responses:


Mr. Gbenga

What I love about Nigerian weddings are the organisation and its tradition. It also serves as a means of networking with people, meeting both old and new friends.


Ali Comfort

I like the aso ebi aspect in Nigerian weddings, most especially the Yorubas seems to be more colourful in their diverse attires. I also love the numerous kind of food one is likely to eat.


Mr. Akin Thompson

I love the music played in Nigerian weddings and the way money is sprayed on the celebrant. I just love to behold that sight.


Grace Ede

Nigerian weddings are just too special to neglect. I like everything about it. Ranging from its styles, fashion and tradition, food and aso ebi.


Segun Adio

I love the different kinds of foods on display. The music, the aso ebi and the fact that you meet different calibres of people at a go.


Funke Adewale

I love the many kinds of aso ebi worn by people to the wedding. I also like the food and the way money is being spread on the couples and connecting with old friends.


Tobi Adetola

I love Nigerian weddings because of its unique nature and the way it is set up from fashion to its styles. People meet their partners in weddings too during pleasantries. I also love the music played in most weddings, you can’t help it but give in to the rhythm of the songs.


Adeleke Lawal

Nigerian weddings are spectacular, they are an avenue of linking with new and old friends. I love the special kind of food prepared and the unique dress sense of many people.


Yemisi Muyiwa

I love what I see. From money spraying, music, aso ebi and the varieties of food you are allowed to eat.


Bashiru Yetunde

I love the decorations, the aso ebi worn by different groups, the music, the food on display would leave you salivating before the time for menu menu. I love the fact that you meet people both the high and the mighty.


– Chika Okorie




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