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Have you ever been sexually harassed?

Sexual harassment most often happens to women. It is unarguably a common occurrence in the workplace. The conduct is made as a term or condition of an individual’s employment, education or the living environment as the case may be. The behaviour persists despite objection by the person to whom the conduct is directed to.  Most times, the lady in need of the particular favour is left with no option than allowing herself to be abused.

Encomium.ng sought the opinions of few ladies about their experiences:



Yes, I have been sexually harassed. It all started when I got a job somewhere at Ikeja. My boss called me into his office and asked me to help him with his jacket. I made to reach for the jacket and he grabbed me from behind, all my efforts to shout out proved abortive as he promised to double my salary. I allowed him to enjoy me for a month after he paid my salary as promised, I quit the job.



No, I have never been sexually harassed before. I just witnessed when a colleague of mine was harassed in the market. There was a long queue at the entrance of the market, the guy was behind the lady. The next thing we heard was that the lady slapped the guy because the guy’s penis was already standing erect as he was trying to seduce the lady in the market.



I was sexually assaulted in my place of work by my boss’ PA. If I didn’t get away from that vicinity, I would have been raped because the man is a drug addict and he was seriously harassing me especially when I was alone.



I have been sexually harassed in my place of work. I didn’t report the case to the management because I was afraid of losing the job. I was just enduring the advances until I got a better job.



I have been sexually harassed before by my next door neighbour in my compound. He used to be a friend and a talking mate. He then made advances but I was smart enough to escape. Though I was planning to report him to the landlord of the house, I forgave him after he pleaded.



Yes, I have been harassed sexually by my boss in the office. When I got the job, he gave me terms and conditions. He was frank to tell that I should be putting on skimpy dresses. He tries touching my boobs as I was about submitting files to him but I was lucky enough to turn him down. He threatened to sack me if I refused to let him take advantage of me, I objected and the next few weeks I got my sack letter and I was happy to leave.



I have been sexually abused by my landlord. He came knocking at about 9 pm on a certain Sunday. I was surprised to see him at that odd hour. When I tried to inquire from him why the visit he started confessing he loves me, that he would do anything for me. I asked him to leave but he persisted as he tries forcing himself to have his way. I had to scream and he ran away.



I have never been harassed sexually but my own biological younger brother was sacked from work just because he failed to satisfy his boss. He always complaining about her advances to him to touch her sexually but whenever he rejects the offer, she would be furious at him. After so many failed attempts, she decided to terminate his job.



I have been sexually harassed when I was staying with my uncle. He used to approach me in my room especially at midnight. I would want to scream but he will use his hands to cover my mouth and do what he wanted. It continued for a while until I had to run away from the house.



Yes I have. I was harassed by my daddy’s friend. When he approached me I declined. When I was sent to him, he tried taking advantage of me but I was smart enough to have screamed so loud that he was afraid and let me go.



Chika Okorie




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