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Can you marry a lady who earns more?

Gone are the days when men alone are believed to be the breadwinners of a home because of their financial buoyancy. The reverse can be the case.

The question is, ‘can a man still go as far as marrying a lady whose financial capacity is more than his own?’

encomium.ng sought the opinions of young men on if they can marry a lady who earns more. 

Here are their responses…..


Linus Abang

Of course, I can marry a lady who earns more than I do only if she is willing to be submissive. She must as well understand that I am the boss and not her despite earning a better pay than I do.


Akin Thompson

I cannot even try it. Women I know are saucy, if they happen to understand that they earn more than you, they would begin to use you as an ‘errand boy’, I cannot give in to that. I better look for someone I can be lord over.


Christopher Nwoko

I think I can marry a lady who is more financially buoyant than I do only when there is an understanding between us. She will have to agree with me that she would not leak the secret even to her closest friends.


Festus Wole

Why not. It is a good thing if she earns more than I do. It will even help me tackle some issues when the need arises but if she wants us to stay to the end, I mustn’t worship her because of money and she must be submissive to me as the head of the home.


Adebayo Olofinyokun

It’s not a bad idea but I cannot marry a lady who earns more than I do. This is because ladies can be funny at times, especially when they have more money than their husbands. They tend to behave pompous, that they are the boss at home. That’s why I don’t buy the idea.


Abayomi Idris

Yes, I can marry a lady who earns more than I do. It’s not a crime, neither is it a sin. When she understands all fingers are not just equal, I think we are good to go. But I won’t give in to her if she sees herself as being on top. I am the head and she must respect and sees me as one.


Elias Adagunduro

Personally, I can marry a lady who earns more than I do. But before we talk about marrying each other, she must come to terms with how much I earn and if she’s ok with it, then we are good to go but no one must get to know about it.


Bami Israel

I can never marry a lady whose financial status is more than mine. Ladies can be crazy at times. Eventually, any small misunderstanding comes up, she would definitely let the whole world know that she has been the one footing your bills. I can’t even try it at all.


Charles Ekeozor

I cannot marry a lady who earns more than me. They are not to be trusted because anything can happen any day in the future. She may even claim ownership of everything owned by both of you, including the man. I can never marry a lady like that. The fact is that I should earn more than you because I am the head of the home.


Terveshima Akpen

Yes, I can marry her only if we are destined to be together because ladies can be cheeky most times. She must know how much I earn in the first instance, if she can’t cope with it then she’s free to leave but in a situation, she said she can cope, I will give her my terms and conditions.


– Chika Okorie




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