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Agonies of unemployed graduates

The poor economy of the country has heightened the rate of unemployment which has led to some of the graduates roaming the streets and leaving them in the state of hopelessness. However, some of them are still adjusting to certain situations just to make sure they survive the tides. While some are doing menial jobs, others have enrolled in some vocational training just for survival because they cannot be gainfully employed. sampled responses from few unemployed graduates on how they are coping despite the economic downturn…

Here are their responses:


Edith Ugwuoke

It has not been easy. I have been staying with my parents for over 4 years now ever since I graduated and went for my youth service. I have been facing a lot of challenges, at times to buy the least thing for myself will be a war. I am even tired of the whole thing. I just registered for a professional course and with hope, I believe all would work out fine.


Anthony Odey

I am dependent on my elder brother ever since I graduated from the university two years back. I have not been finding things funny because whatsoever I want I must ask for it before it’s given to me. I can’t have something at my own will. It is terrible. I even had to go into tailoring just to make ends meet.


Mariah Thompson

I graduated with first class but where am I today? The whole thing is just as if someone is behind me not getting a job. I will go out, look for a job, go for interviews and at the end of the day, it’s nothing to write home about. I am just lucky that I am seeing some menial jobs that I am doing to help myself out.


Temitayo Balogun

It has not been easy. Initially, I was battling with overcoming loneliness but the reverse is the case as I am now used to staying alone. There is no work anywhere. The ones I am seeing are below my standards. I cannot work to be paid peanuts money. I better remain jobless but I am thinking of going into hairdressing so I can have something doing.


Adeleke Ogunyemi

It is in Nigeria you see somebody with a first class still walking on the road sweating with brown envelope looking for a job. I got a job somewhere but after negotiations, the manager promised to pay me ten thousand naira for a whole month. I turned down the offer because I can not cope with such an amount. I better remain unemployed than being used just like that. I am even assisting my elder brother in his shop, that is what has even been keeping me.


Adeyemi Francis

It has not really been easy. I have searched for jobs but they are not forthcoming. Things are just too difficult for me. Imagine I am still living with my parents at age 29 without even a handiwork. They still feed me and are at my beck and call just because I am still jobless. I mean, it is unheard of. The government should create more job opportunities for graduates.


Yinka Abiodun

After the stress of seeing me through the higher institution, my parents are the ones still feeding me and taking care of all my needs. I graduated two years ago and did my compulsory national youth service. Ever since I  came back, I have been job hunting from one organization to the other. There is no job anywhere but to keep myself busy, I have joined a computer session and soon I will open my own business centre.


Abayomi Akorede

Personally, I won’t put blames on any witch in my village. It is the government that has refused to create more job opportunities for graduates. They don’t think about our wellbeings, they only care about themselves and their family members. I cannot even boast of N5000 in my account. Things are just too difficult. Being jobless is not a thing of joy. I just gave in to learning fashion designing.


Lydia Chibuzor

Things are just too difficult and tough with me. I am not finding it funny at all. I have been looking for a job for the past six years now, all hope is dashed as none is coming my way. I am solely dependant on my parents and siblings. I cannot do things on my own, I have to go through someone to achieve even my most common need. It’s just too painful. I am even thinking of learning a trade or handiwork.


Tunde Olafusi

I am going through a lot because there is no job anywhere. I am still dependent on my parents. I am just lucky that I learnt fashion designing while in school. It has been sustaining me to some extent now but I have searched for white collar jobs and couldn’t find one. So I had to be managing my petty business. I am just my own boss. It is not easy.


– Chika Okorie




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