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What we don’t like about our bodies

Everybody has a unique physique but at one point, we refuse to accept our bodies just the way they are because we feel our bodies are not perfect. But the truth is that even those we see as perfect have some defects. sampled responses from few Nigerians on what they dislike about their bodies.

Below are their responses…


Maryjane Ernest

I don’t just like my breast. They are just too big. You can imagine being skinny with such oversized boobs. I just hate that part of my body.


Esther Ekaette

I dislike my shape. I am just like an amoeba, worse still my tummy is too big. People are saying it and I don’t frown whenever they say such to me. I know I am shapeless but I am as well facially beautiful.


Pelumi Joseph

I don’t like my skin colour. I have a dirty black skin. I have thought of what to do but I don’t want to transform it through bleaching. I just left it the way it is but honestly speaking, I do not like my skin colour, it makes me feel as if I’m always dirty.



I like everything about my body but my circle (bum) is too big. As a matter of fact, it is affecting my legs, I cannot walk very fast because of it. Also, I am too hairy. Every part of my body is covered with hair. It’s just too much and I don’t like it.


Victoria Adeyemi

I have a masculine stature and I don’t like it. It is making me feel shy whenever I am in the midst of my fellow ladies, I feel inferior. I just wish I could change my body because I detest it with passion.


Kemi Adeola

I am too skinny, despite doing a lot of things to have more flesh, my body has refused to be in shape. If I put on Ankara, my shape would still not be noticed. I even went as far as buying artificial bum (brutt), it didn’t even make any sense.


Fisayo Kayode

I dislike my walking steps. I have bow legs, it makes me feel uncomfortable because I like putting on trousers and I cannot put it on comfortably. That’s what I detest about my body but I am physically alright.



Honestly, I hate my bulging eyes. They are just too big. I used to feel bad whenever I am being scolded about it. Some even went as far as calling it ‘frog eyes’, that is why I always put on my glasses to avoid onlookers.



I don’t like the shape of my boobs. They are too tiny. You won’t even notice anything is there because they are just too flat and it doesn’t go with my body.


Adefunke Opeyemi

I don’t like the nature of my hair. Its has refused to grow despite all my effort on it. I also don’t like my shape, I am too fat and it is making me feel older than my age.

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