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Can you ask a guy you fancy for a date?

The usual, more common practice is for men to ask ladies out. But stories of women showing men how much they like them and even asking them out on a date is recurring.

So, can you ask a guy you fancy out?

That’s the question encomium.ng asked these ladies…

Below are their views… 



No, it is meant for him to come and ask me on a date, not for me to ask him out on a date because he is a guy. I can’t do that even if I like him, I would not ask him on a date.



Why not if I like him, I can ask him out on a date now. There is no big deal there, he’s someone I fancy, I can do anything to let him know my feelings. I can’t just keep quiet.



Yes, I can ask him out on a date. But what I will do for me not to get embarrassed, I will just tell him to follow me watch a movie in the cinema.



No, I can’t ask him out on a date. All I can do is just to be close to him. Maybe through that, he can also like me to the extent that we can go on a date but not for me to ask him.



Some are doing it, but for me, I can’t do it. If I like him I will just be close to him not to ask him out on a date.



Yes, I can do it but I will not tell him straight to let us go for a date. I will start to buy inviting him to let us go to the party from there we will be getting closer, then he may even be the one telling me to let us go for a date.



I can surely ask a man I fancy out on a date because I don’t see any big deal on that. After all, we are just going for a date nothing more. Even if I wish to date him, I will let him know. He can not embarrass me, all he will say is yes or no answer.



No, I can’t ask him on a date no matter the likeness I have for him. But I will just make sure that I am a very good friend to him.



It will be over my dead body for me to ask a guy for a date. Even if I fancy him I will never try it, the reverse should be the case.


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium.ng





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