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When is the right age to start dating?

Dating is a crucial period in the life of young people, most especially teenagers, and the excitement of being in love most of the time leads to unpleasant outcomes.

encomium.ng sought the opinions of Nigerians on the appropriate age for young adults to start dating…



Age twenty is the best. At this age they get all benefits that is good from dating without the confusion.



At the age of twenty. Truly being a youth begins from age eighteen but I think the normal age is twenty because at this age you must have been matured and must have been in the puberty age.



Age twenty is the right age for all youths to start dating. At this age, they are matured enough to go into relationship and can decide what they want in the relationship.



At the age of eighteen. That is the right age. Once you are eighteen you can go into relationship with whoever you like.



The age of twenty is fine. It is a stage when you are matured, decide things on your own and can have a serious relationship which could possibly lead to marriage.



Twenty is the right age. At this age you must have passed out from secondary school, probably in the university or polytechnic. Like my daughter who is in school, I can’t ask her not to date. I can only

advise her. And since she’s now twenty, I believe she’s now of age.



Eighteen years is okay for any youth to start dating, they are matured already. And if they can’t now, then when and how would you expect them to be experienced enough so as to know who they want to spend the rest of their life with and what they want in the relationship. We should know for the fact that couples this days get married at the age of twenty two. So if they are not permitted at the age of eighteen then when?



Maybe at twenty-two. What do teenagers want to do with dating in secondary school? You should date at a time when you are ready for a serious relationship. At that age when you can get married.



It is twenty. That’s the right age, when they are matured and they are at the stage of puberty  At the stage when a lady gets pregnant or a man can impregnate a lady and it wouldn’t be called child abuse.



Age twenty-two is the right age. Education is very fast and things are not like before so I think age 22 is okay.


– AKINOLA ENIOLA for encomium.ng




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