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Should Nnamdi Kanu be arrested?

Things are no longer at ease with the Biafra agitation rocking the south eastern part of the country.
The encounter between the IPOB members and the Nigerian Army has generated a lot of heat and residents are now under tension.
However, it has become a thing of public concern as to whether the separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu should be apprehended to douse the tension? sampled opinions of some Igbos on the issue, and here are their responses. . . . . .

Mrs. Oluchi Obinnaya

They should not arrest him because I see no genuine reason why he should be arrested. It will only lead to war, as he has said it should he be arrested, the IPOB members should burn down Nigeria. So to avoid this and for the safety of Nigerians, I think it’s better they settle it amicably.
Chibuzor Okezie
No! He should never be arrested. Arresting him will only worsen the situation, it will not calm it down. As a matter of fact, we Igbos are ready to stop any effort to his arrest.
Mrs. Ijeoma Onyeka
I don’t think he should be arrested because arresting him will bring Nigeria to its knees. I am an Igbo lady, though I am not fully supporting the actualization of Biafra, in order for the country to be calm, he shouldn’t be arrested.
Mr. Marcus Ibe 
Nigeria is already in doom. Nnamdi Kanu is a free man, nobody should bare his mind on arresting him if you really want the country to still remain. He shouldn’t be arrested because he is not staging any violence, it is the Nigeria Army that should be held.
Anayo Francisca 
I think arresting him will never solve the problem at hand. They should be given their referendum, that’s all. If he is apprehended, the whole country will be in a big mess because his followers are ever ready to stage a war. So my advice to fellow Nigerians is that he shouldn’t be arrested to save our country.
Chidiebere Ekene
The crisis rocking the country of late is not Nnamdi Kanu’s fault. He should not be blamed for any reason because if eventually he is arrested, the country will definitely tear apart. The army should be held accountable for the bloodshed in the east and not using Nnamdi Kanu to cover their sins. Soon I believe their sins will find them out.
Udeme Amarachi
Bloodsheds are getting out of hand and it’s because of Nnamdi Kanu. I think he should be prosecuted via the rule of Law so that the whole thing will die down. He should just surrender himself to the Nigerian government and let peace be restored back to the country. Killings they are recording is too high on a daily basis, so I believe the only way to bury the issues under the carpet is for him to be arrested.
Mr. Onyedinachi Gabriel
He should not be arrested because the blood shed we are talking about is caused by the Army. Nnamdi Kanu has always been lawful and submissive to the rules guiding this country. We have been molested and used, he is just trying to fight for our freedom but the Nigerian government is using it against him. He can never be frustrated.
Amaechi Mary
I don’t think he should be apprehended because even if he is at the centre of it all, those around him wouldn’t let it go down well. His rearrest may lead to a big crisis in the country. Many will be killed because his followers are fully ready for anything that may come by. I think they should just leave him alone and the bloodsheds will reduce.
Pius Onah
The point is that Nnamdi Kanu did not ask the soldiers to kill people. He is innocent. It is when he will be rearrested that’s when the country will tear apart. Those who should be blamed are being covered. That is Nigeria for you. We need our freedom, they should grant it to us and let us be. That is what Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for and not shedding blood.
– Chika Okorie for



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