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Are you scared that Army and IPOB clash can degenerate?

The recent encounter between the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Nigerian Army has left many people wondering what will be the next line of action as the Biafra National Guard are bent on staging a war against the Army. However, few Nigerians spoke with are afraid of the unknown, while others are disproving the fact that, the mere clash cannot lead to any breakdown of law and order in the country…
Philips Bayo

I am not scared. Even if the law and order breaks down tomorrow, men like me will definitely survive it. The chaos in the eastern part of the country, will never break the law guiding Nigeria.

Nkechi Diobi
Yes o. . . I am scared! I am an Igbo lady but I don’t believe in IPOB. I am afraid the recent encounter between the army and IPOB may lead to something else, and this will make IPOB not looking back because they are not even afraid to violate the law and order in Nigeria.
Christopher Odey
Yes, I am scared to some extent that the clash will eventually lead to something else. But if its not going to affect us, I don’t care about them.
Kemi Fadeyi
I am very scared because stories I heard about the Biafran war are too scary. I don’t wish to witness one because this IPOB members are up to something else. They may decide to take laws into their hands and at the end the country will be at stake.
Chibuzor Okezie
I am not scared. It is the Nigeria government that is committing mayhem against indigenous population. They have shown previously that they are lawless and IPOB is lawful in all its doings and we intend to remain lawful. So I stand to tell you that no one should be afraid, there is no clash.
Esther Alamu
I am not scared because I believe the clash will never lead to breakdown of law and order in the country. This is not the first of its kind, it happened before and the army have come out to clear the mess out from the scenario. So I don’t see any reason I should be afraid.
Akin Joseph
I am very scared but I think the Nigerian government and IPOB should resolve to dialogue. It is a safer way to issues than this clash because l am afraid the IPOB may do something funny at the end of the day.
Bola Areola
As for now, everything is hanging by a thread. I pray God intervenes because what is set to happen is yet to come by. I am afraid of IPOB, they are bent on doing the unknown. They should just settle their differences for the sake of peace to reign in Nigeria.
Mr. Tonye
I am not scared, it has not gotten to that point. There is a lot of things happening in this country to be afraid of and worried about. Not a mere clash between the army and  IPOB community that makes a lot of noise on a daily basis. It can never lead to breakdown of law and order.
Balikis Adejumo
I am not scared because it is just a small misunderstanding. The IPOB wants their said referendum and they want to take laws into their hands. They should be held accountable for any chaos that may ensue in the nearest future because they are the ones causing mayhem in the country of late. But I believe that no matter how much they try, they cannot and will never turn the country upside down.
– Chika Okorie for



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