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Does social media affect your productivity?

The love and concentration we lavish on social media platforms can make some people not to ever want to go offline. The various activities people carry out on the social media affect them either positively or negatively.

Here are some comments about social media and productivity…

Shobowale Enitan
It affects my productivity positively. I am a caterer, I bake cake and I post them online. I get my customers from social media.

Ojonla Abidemi
Yes, it affects my productivity because it promotes my products. But I will say it enhances my productivity to very reasonable extent.

Frank Caroline
No, it doesn’t affect me, because I am not on any social media plat from anyway. But I know it promotes people’s work.

Morayo  Duminin
It has affected me positively. I am not a regular visitor to social media, it has connected me with bundles of friends that is why I like social media.

Hameed Abolaji
It has promoted my sales, and helped me to know what is trending in terms of fashion, politics and so on. Social media has really affected me positively.

Mr Ibrahim
It does not affect me in any way because I have the time I go online to promote my work as a graphic designer and I have the time I face my work. But social media help me out on my work.

Nurudeen Isiaq
Yes, it affects me to the extent that I need to sell my phone, so that I can concentrate fully on my work because I do post stories online, chat, read sport news, etc. As a blogger, social media really helps.

Mrs Wole
It really affected positively. It also helps to advertise my work.

Adeboye Sunday
Yes, it has affected me positively as a fashion designer. I like to showcase my products. I have it on mind to create a platform so that I can get more customers.

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