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Nigerians admit addiction to social media

Almost every young and old Nigerian loves being on social media platforms – to get news, chat, upload pictures, to make new friends online and to advertise. Though it is an avenue to be enlightened more, in recent times, people have allowed it to become more important than anything else. 

This scenario, however, brings the question: are you addicted to social media?
Below are the response of Nigerians…

Funmilola Alabi
Yes, to some extent. I observe that anytime I run out of data, I am upset. So I just go through my previous WhatsApp messages. In a nut shell, I feel bored.

Akinwade Durojaye
No, I am not addicted to social media. I don’t really like chatting. Sometimes, it get boring. And it is a waste of time to me.

Mobolatan Shayo
Yes, I am addicted to social media, because whenever I chat with my friends online, I enjoy it and I feel bored if I am not on social media. Because I see it as a means of communication and I do other things apart from chatting.

Emiola Adeloye
No, I am not addicted to  it, because I can do without social media. But I go online  once in a while, maybe because it helps me to communicate fast to people because of my work.

Babalola Tunji
Not at all. But I do go online to advertise my work and reply some of my chats.  But I am not addicted to it.

Olateju Bolaji
Yes, I am addicted to social media. I don’t think I can live without an iPhone  or laptop because I do most things on social media.

Adaeze Obiorah
Yes, I am fully addicted to social media. I can not stay a day without going through my social platforms.

Jeffrey Ayo
Yes, I am addicted. Because it helps me in terms of my work, and I can easily communicate with people without any stress.

Aderemi Omotolani
I am addicted to social media. My family even complains that there is no time I will not be with my phone. I don’t think I can do without social media because I  am a graphic designer and social media helps a lot in my work.

Lawal Lekan
I am a blogger, so l am addicted to social media. Apart from that, I love being online every time.

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