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We are addicted to social media (2)

Almost every young and old Nigerian loves being on social media platforms – to get news, chat, upload pictures, to make new friends online and to advertise. Though it is an avenue to be enlightened more, in recent times, people have allowed it to become more important than anything else. 

This scenario, however, brings the question: are you addicted to social media?
Below are the response of Nigerians…

Mr Oke Afolabi
No. It involves a lot of money. With the little salary I’m earning, I can’t afford the data payment. Though it’s is good, it is somehow capital intensive.

Mr Jamiu Dosumu
No, I am not addicted to it. It’s just a necessity because it will make you to know what is going on in your environment and country as a whole. But I am not addicted to it.

Onyinye Dike
Yes, I am addicted to social media because that is where I get a whole lot of happenstance in the world. In fact, as a blogger, I don’t do a second without going through my social media. The point is that I cannot do without going online. I am addicted to it.

Mr Adeagbo
Partially. I’m  not really addicted.  Those addicted will be working online 24/7, but for me I go online once a while.

No. I love replying and sending text but not to sleep on it. I am not addicted to it.

Onile Bukola
I think I am addicted to social media because I found out that it’s  so hard  to take my hands off my phone with or without data. I get so bored whenever l am offline and it feels like I’m not alive.

Mrs Tokunbo
No. I am not addicted to it. Because I am not the type, l am old skool. I just use it for my product and once in a while if I want to reply my friend’s chat.

Mr Badiru
Yes, I am addicted to it. In fact, I can’t do without it. I love being online every time, it keeps me busy. It saves my recharge on phone. It helps me to know what is trending in our society.

– Shukurat Alimi for encomium




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