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Does social media affect your productivity? (2)

The love and concentration we lavish on social media platforms can make some people not to ever want to go offline. The various activities people carry out on the social media affect them either positively or negatively.

Here are some comments about social media and productivity…


Akinola Christiana
Social media has been affecting my sales positively. I’ve been able to sell my goods and also made it known to the world which brings me a lot of income. So, it has been affecting my business positively.


Yes, it helps my productivity, because it keeps me close to many people. It keeps me updated about things going on round the world. It educates me on how to reach you without wasting money and help in terms of my business.
Social media have two sides – advantages and disadvantages.


Mr. Benjamin Adeshina
It enhanced my productivity. I am just on WhatsApp, Facebook and email to reply my massages and I also use it to advertise my business. And it affects it positively.


Mr. Tunji Amere

Yes and no, because it has negative effects and positive effects. In terms of human productivity, it has negative effect because it reduces the number of human power. I mean labour, and it increases the efficiency of production. It helps for easy global networking.


Elizabeth Taylor
Social media really boosts productivity but does not boost mine. I prefer talking to people face to face about my business than going online to advertise it. As a retailer who sells provisions, I think for me it is a waste of time. I am not a social media type. I communicate well to my customers personally.


Abdhadi Taofeeq
It has really affected me positively. As a student, that is what I use to do my assignment, to do my project and the rest.


Kola Ronke
Social media has really helped my productivity, making new friends and meeting your old friends, etc. But it also have is own side effect.


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium




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