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Why sex is no longer as enjoyable

Sex should be enjoyed and desired, most especially when it is done with the right person at the right time. But it becomes abnormal when a person doesn’t show interest in sexual matters. sampled opinions of people to know if frigidity is actually commonplace…


Abdul Kodijat

It is not that common but it comes once a while. It is not every day that you get excited about sexual things. Even married men and women do become frigid once in a while. They have other things they think of, not just sex all the time.


Makanjuola Damilola

I would say no, people are more addicted to sex nowadays. It seems most people can’t do without sex nowadays. In a home where there is poor sex, such home is prone to break easily. It is only on few occasions you would see people who do not respond to sex, most people love sex.


Bukola Thomas

People that are raped would not respond well to sexual things because of their past experience. Emotional trauma makes frigidity commonplace.


Funke Babatunde

I think it is. A lot of people are indifferent about sex. They have other things in mind. I don’t get excited about sex, I can do without

it for more than a year. It is not as if it wouldn’t come to my mind during that period of abstinence, it would just be once in a while. Sex is usually the last thing on my mind. In fact, I run away from it most times. That is just who I am.


Ifeoma Obi

Most people get excited when it comes to sex talk. Our psychological frame up differs, our physiological frame up also differs. What excites me might not excite the next person. That is how life is. But most people get excited about sex talk.


Tina Nbanafor

I think most people love that word sex even if it is with their legal partner. I know some men who demand for sex every day from their wives. Some can’t live a day without having sex. The most important thing is that, everything should be done in moderation. It should not be too much and it should not be too small.


Kunle Fatade

Yes, you wouldn’t be excited about sex when the economy has frustrated you. I think of my children school fees.

It is when you a happy that your libido would rise, even if you are happy and you make advances at your wife, you might receive a slap in return because she might be stressed.


Steve Efe

That was before recession when everything was rosy but now. I hardly think of sex. I have bills to pay, I have people looking up to me for sustenance, how do I cater for them? I have been so much engrossed with other thoughts that I don’t think of sex.


Chidebere Chibuzo

I don’t think anybody would be bothered about that now because school fees is waiting to be paid. It is usually the last thing on my mind now. All I am thinking of is to make ends meet.


Banke Owolabi

It all depends. One man’s food is another man’s poison.

As for me, I would say no, it is just once a while.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for




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