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The perfect length of time for sex for me

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties, but should it have a duration or limit? Shouldn’t lovers go on once they have the strength for it?

We sampled opinions of people in order to know their perfect time for sex…


Biodun Fawale

Have I ever timed myself? I don’t think so. Once I come, the rest is history. But give or take, let me say 30 minutes, if I include foreplay and the like.


Fatia Odetoyinbo

Maybe an hour. I spend more time on foreplay than the real act. My foreplay can take as long as 30 minutes. I ensure I thrust in and out for more than 10 minutes before I come. So give or take, one hour is it for me. That is why I don’t have more than my wife as my sexual partner.


Patience Adenike

It depends on what prompted the feelings really. Sometimes, I am way too aroused that I can come within five minutes and that is the end. But sometimes if I am not too in the mood, I can be there for 30 minutes.


Dele Ojo

Ten minutes is the optimum time for sex, what would you be doing once you come? Sex has come to an end once I come. I think an average of ten minutes is enough.


Michael Osagie

If I am to calculate the outer course, I will spend more time on that so as to get to a higher level of arousal. 20 minutes is perfect for me.

Having spent 15 minutes for foreplay.


Moji Ojiego

Once both of us have achieved mutual pleasure generally in form of orgasm, sex is over. So it varies. He usually comes before I do. He might be okay within 15 minutes while I am struggling to climax after 30 minutes.


Felicia Chilaka

12 minutes maybe. It is not compulsory I come. I sometimes get tired once I try to come and I don’t come. So 12 minutes is enough for me.


Ojo Goje

A man that cannot last 30 minutes in bed is lazy. I have trained myself in such a way that I wouldn’t come until after 20-30 minutes. I must touch those important parts and ensure she enjoys the action so that she wouldn’t hesitate next time.


Anthony Igba

Half an hour is ideal. If the time for foreplay is included, you have to put into consideration your partner as well. Men come earlier than women. By the time you sum all together, 30 minutes is gone.


Chima Okeke

Maybe 26 minutes – ten minutes for foreplay, six minutes to thrust in and out. Some can even spend ten minutes for that.  Ten minutes to allow her climax as well.


Clara Ezuma

It varies and it depends on individual. Some can go for two rounds nonstop while some are two minutes noodles. The most important thing is not to indulge in what your strength cannot take. As for me, 20 minutes is okay.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun



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