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Would you date a divorcee who still wears his wedding ring?

When it comes to dating, most ladies are confused when a man who claims to be separated from his wife still wears his wedding ring. While some people have a rule against such, others have no problem going out with a guy of that calibre.

This week, sampled the opinions of ladies on ‘dating a guy who has been separated for a long time but still wears his ring even though he said the marriage is over’…


Miss Petra Ogbu

Personally, I would ask him to keep the wedding ring aside if he still wants to continue with me because I don’t understand why he will still flaunt his ring if truly he doesn’t have anything to do with his ex.


Florence Raphael

I won’t take a harsh decision, I will just ask him if he still has feelings for his wife. If he says yes, I would rather leave and walk away. But if he removes the ring I can still go on with him.


Tolulope Shomoye 

I am a very jealous person, so if I am in that situation, I would rather tell him to take it off because it’s going to affect our relationship. If he truly loves me, he should.


Tope Olawale

If I happen to find myself in that situation, I will enquire from him to know why he still had the ring on. If the response is not to my satisfaction, I would just quit the relationship rather than crying ‘had I known’ at the end.


Wuraola Akin

If I truly love this guy, I wouldn’t mind about the ring. If he feels he can not do with it and still confesses he had nothing to do with his ex again, then, so be it. We can go a long way even with the ring on. I can not allow a mere ring to be the cause of what might hinder our relationship.


Binta Lawal

If he happens to keep the ring of his ex on him, I have nothing to do with him. I am a straight forward person and as such, if you are for me, you have to play by my own rules and not to another person you are no more with.


Chidera Okafor

If my boyfriend and his ex wife still get on well, it won’t bother me, especially if I love him and he loves me too. But if he still wears his wedding ring, that’s weird, I can never take it from him.


Patricia Anyanwu

I would date him only if the ring is not directly placed on his wedding finger. But I will definitely ask him to drop it. If he insists, we can get going if am good with it – ring or no ring.


Bola Awoyemi

If I see him with a wedding ring, I will not even give him a trial in the first instance. I don’t promote divorce, I detest it with passion because most times men are the reason behind most breakups you find around. I will never and cannot date him for anything.



I will ask him to take off the ring if truly he had nothing to do with his ex again. But if he refuses, that’s crazy because I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him. That shows he still has feelings for her and may decide to dump me at any point in time.

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