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What it cost to start a home

What it cost to start a home starting a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before one thinks about it, both spouses need to be fully grounded. sampled opinions of young couples and newly married spouses in what it cost to start a home.

Here are their views….


Bashiru Jamiu

To start a home for man and woman both of them need to have a good job, understand themselves, love each other, and they need to know their weaknesses so that it will not affect them. They should plan together and they should not allow a third party in their home.


Oluwatobi Feranmi

To start a home needs tolerance, understanding, prayers, commitment, communication, love. If truly defined and understood well. Finance, persistent spirit, not relenting, medical fitness, parental support.


Anwulika  Ugo

Understanding, because love alone cannot make a happy home. There has to be mutual understanding coming from both parties. The ability of the man or woman to understand the weakness, the strength, the emotions, the negative and positive side of each other and at the same time be able to accommodate each other can equally build a happy home.


Orisawale Qoyum

For me to start up a home, you need to get an apartment, well equipped (chairs, table, and set of a kitchen). Then you now think of getting married, then making babies. After you will now think about how to pay school fees.


Naso Dibia

To start a happy home, the couple must have a job that earns them at least N60,000 monthly. If they are able to maintain this, they should have saved enough with which they can establish themselves before they start having babies.



Nothing just patience. You don’t need to poke nose in your hubby affairs, just be responsible in terms of dressing, talking and respect your spouse and above all be hardworking. Don’t depend on your hubby for every financial help.  Look for a job or rather start up a business in other to help you and your family.


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium




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