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Why Nnamdi Kanu’s oil well story is difficult to believe

Since the claim of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, that he was offered an oil well and told to leave Rivers and Benue out of Biafra became public, many have labelled it a lie.

Apart from not mentioning the names of the officials who initiated and offered him the terms, secession is not as easy as he purported.
Secession is a rigorous exercise with winding processes unless achieved through war!
His claim on the oil well as well as leaving Rivers and Benue out of Biafra is causing hoopla on the social media.
Here are some comments…

Hassan Rahim:

Kanu can feed his blind followers all such of rubbish who cares? But we are too enlightened and sophisticated to be deceived with such cheap and baseless lies. The Kanu I know will have mentioned name or names if truly such august negotiations took place. I think he was lucky to be granted bail at all. Let him continued to flout the bail conditions, Am sure very soon he will be back to where he belongs


Anyaegbu Wisdom:

Oil bloc and 5 states? And the governors of those states will automatically become subjects to emperor Kanu? Can you see that some people can lie more than satan just to keep draining their victims ?.


Ngozi D. Akanazu:

Some people are really killing themselves over this young man. Yes ooo mad or insane majority of us adore Nnamdi Kanu. You people should face what is happening in the present government and leave Kanu alone. None of you here insulting him can be half the man he is.


Monsuru Omotola Lawal:

Today I reach conclusion that the Igbos have no common sense. Imagine a Professor coming so low to pay a solidarity visit to a vagabond. Anyway, any Igbo man can sacrifice anything to get money even their mother. No image or personality to protect. While Kanu smiles to bank daily his kinsmen see him as semi god.

By the way in what way does Biafraud relate to River State. Yeye man he wants oil money. Barao, ino, ole, thief. Go and annex even Akwa Ibom and Delta but they have all disown you.


Udoeyo Manduetti:

Go prepare for war because Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Bayelsa and part of Ebonyi will not join Biafraud.


Kingsley Olurotimi:

Rubbish! When those states become the property of an individual or a cabal? Keep day dreaming.


Monsuru Omotola Lawal:

January is only day dreaming. He is is an idol in his biafraud. In Yoruba land he is a maggot. So arrogant indeed. What a shame to a low thinking Igbo generation.


Ikpa Anaezionwu Humphrey:

In most honesty, Kanu didn’t mean to claim the entire states, but only the homogeneous Igbo parts of those areas. For avoidance of ignorance, doubters should feel free to Google or research. Some of the Igbos / territories are:

BENUE STATE – Ezza, Izzi, Effium, Etenyi are some of the Igbo people and territories that constitute the present day Benue state, with Ado, Oju, Obi, and Okpoku as some of its bigger towns / districts with over 600 Igbo stock villages. Some of the Igbo villages are; Amaekka, Umuezeoka, Oriuzor, Umuoghara, Amaezekwe, and Umuezeokoha with 300 out of over 600 Igbo villages in all.

RIVERS STATE – Obi-Igbo (corrupted to Oyigbo), Umueme (corrupted to Rumueme), Umumasi (corrupted to Rumumasi), Umuokoro (corrupted to Rumuokoro), Elele, Ahoada, Ikwere, Eches, Igwe-Ocha (Renamed as Port Harcourt), Afamefula (changed to Afam), Obi-Akpor… are some of the Ala-Igbo and Igbos that are currently part of Rivers as a state.


Oredunni Ayodele Samuel:

If u believe this clown then u will believe anything.


Kunle Adewoye:

Wake up and stop ranting as if you are in low-profile ogogoro joint. Talk intellectually and never fabricate stories again.


Femi Ken:

This guy is starting to believe his own lies, must be high on something


Olusegun Adesegun Ijelu:

He is looking for war and he will get it soon and master of fools


Bamidele Ola:

Kanu deluding, a man hustling in London, who has no block of building in his village claiming this self importance. Why can’t he tell the world the identity of those offering him the oil blocks and allocating him some states. He can as well colonize Nigeria. Arrant nonsense.


Favour Goodluck Irondi:

This mad man is high again


Ibrahim Idris:

Nnamdi kolo is a fraudstar, but his gullible supporters are worst than him.


Abubakar Jibrin:

If at all, his people love him, they will rush him to the nearest psychiatric hospital, the guy is deranged and only a gullible fool will believe this trash.


Adesina Ogunsakin:

Are you Sure this guy is Ok??? You forgot to add Lagos now! Shit.


Abubakar Idris Mohammed:

So Buhari Nigerian Minister of Petroleum and President of Nigeria offered you oil Block? And you want people to believe this stupid lie? Are you sure your brain is ok? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha how stupid can someone be..


Tiv Cassava Utazi:

Abubakar Jibrin and Idris, non of you made any comment yesterday on the Entrance Examination Cut Off point where all the States in the North where favoured with grossly low cut off marks? Some states 33% and even 20% to gain admission and these same people will be the first to get jobs. Rubbish.

Mr. Kanu. Continue to dream. Rivers and Benue? Not even Igbos welcomes you. Continue to mislead yourself.


Prince Nwosu:

It baffles me why Hausa-Fulani and Yorubas will not leave Biafra alone. Give Biafra to Nnamdi Kanu and give Biafras in your land one week to leave your territory. You people never liked the Eastern region before Nigerian independence and never liked them because they are not Muslims and can never be. Left for me, I will say let Biafra go with only Igbos of any state, but as Christians, they can live in peace with non-Igbos of southern extraction.


Moeasy Heissir Momoh:

Nnamdi Kanu South Eastern states are they not collecting Federal allocation. If your are underdeveloped blame your governors and Senators, why disturbing the general peace of the nation? I can assure you one thing, even if Biafra will be actualize, you won’t be the hero then.


Gracious Keke:

If indeed Nnamdi Kanu was offered the option to go with the 5 states of South-east as Biafra and he turned it down; then I should say he’s not wise enough.


Olayinka Michael:

This guy is sick


Gracious Keke:

But why is it that the northern commentators are usually in a haste to comment on issues bordering on Biafra, but will overlook or rather not comment on pertinent issues directly affecting the north-poverty, illiteracy, religious intolerance, etc. Could it be there major concern or interest is the oil deposit in Biafraland?


Emmanuel Ifedigbo:

The guy is gradually fading away


Sanusi Ali:

Because Biafrans are animals that follow every filthy stalk to eat they will believe what their brown Ebola rat said.


Olagunju Jbond Abiodun:

Dis guy can lie and some gullible ppl will still believe him.ok may be he is trying to tell fg wat he want. give me oil block and a mansion in Dubai den Biafra is gone 4 gud. mumu


Hambal Zurkalnein:

Who offer him all the things is talking about.


Silver Silor:

By Kanu adding Benue to Biafra in his demand for Biafra independence confirmed his lack of experience in delicate issues as this. Even our great Hero Late Ezeigbo Gburugburu Odumegwu Ojukwu didn’t annexe Benue state, his Biafra was former Eastern Nigeria and Igbo speaking Midwest. And how would Kanu deal with Muslims of Benue state as he would declare Biafra a Jewish state if actualised?


Jake Shaibu:

Kanu makes me laff alot. He his a comedian.


Jesuovie Ogbodenzz Ogodo:

This guy has truly lost it!

I just pity his believers 😩😩😩😥😥


Samuel Erueseke:

Why Rivers and Benue States only? Where are Delta and Cross River States that are in the Biafra map?


Musa Olaiwon:

This was how Hitler lied to his people and csused second world war. Kanu is fooling one of the most enterprising tribe on Africa and everybody is following him like mumu.

You included Rivers and Middle Belt States in your Biafraud without consulting…See More


Aisha Zarma:

Madness of the highest order.


Olusegun Martins:

Lies, propaganda again. They did not offer you sheet.


Olusegun Martins:

Igbo tribe is an inferior tribe compared to the Yoruba tribe the richest tribe in Africa. The builder of society and architect of communities. Languages spoken in other countries and some other languages originated from.


Femi Bello:

Igbos of this cow nu nu are best known for koni koni fraud


Allison Igbuku:

That is the beginning of is failure!


Abdul-Quadir Goodluck Taiwo:

Wonders shall never end….. Biafra struggle is gradually becoming a joke, and Nnamdi Kanu becoming a silly comedian.

What a pity.


Tiv Cassava Utazi Umar. Musa. Sarki:

My comment is pellucid. There’s no Equity. Fair-Play and Justice in a nation that purports to be one. Robbing hard-work to pay laziness. Education demands hard work and self denial. Yet, those who work very hard to excel are relegated to the background for those who from birth are paid and begged to go to school. Mr. Umar., think about it. Employment is negatively schewed against hard work. The Benue axis is north part of core north and their don’t believe their are North ‘. Thank God this govt has evolved a lot for the people to learn from. Nigeria is backward because there no sincerity. Thank you.


Thony Pastor:

For Those Of U Saying He Is Lying Pls Ask Federal Government Or ask ORJI UZOR KALU Whether Nnamdi Is Telling The Truth Or Not. It Can Never Be a Lie. Let Me Say It Here That The Arrangement Of Governance In Nigeria Is Not Favourable To The Masses Hence Agitation Will Never Cease. Like It Or Not Thats My View


Derricks Chianna:

The movement of JAH people, very IMMINENT.


Femi Olawale:

I honestly think that restructuring should take place that will make federal characters more present over there in the East and other regions. But this Kanu does not seem to talk with intelligent of great men. He is too shallow and temperamental. Jr sees himself more than his size.


Ikenna Onugbolu:

You don leave Delta, Cross River, and Akwa Ibom? You go collect all of them o. Even self Ekiti already don join.




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