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Nnamdi Kanu loses public sympathy with Biafra’s secret police

The appearance of a video parading men of Biafra’s secret service is the source of agitation as many call for the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The video attracted more condemnations.
Check the video:

Nnamdi Kanu inspects Biafra Secret Service (BSS) . . The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, on Tuesday inspected a guard of honour of the Biafra Secret Service (BSS) in Umuahia, Abia State. . . According to the BSS which was recently inaugurated, they are ready to restore Biafra. The members came from different states including Delta, River. . . “This is Biafra Secret Service (BSS) men that have volunteered to defend Biafranland. You will see what is made up of Biafra security today. Like our leader will rightly say, we are here to restore Biafra. . . We have come in peace but if the option given to us to restore Biafra is violent, without fear, the men and women are ready to take the land of Biafra from invaders and looters,” their commander said

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 And here are the views of some Nigerians…

Folorunsho Tahir Hamsat:

I pointed this out to an Ibo friend two days ago. And he asked if the Yoruba do not have OPC and Hausa, Sharia police. I said yes, but Ibos too have IPOB which equals the two groups mentioned above. I added that what Kanu is doing is provocative and an open challenge to the nation’s security capability.


Abayomi Adediji Adebayo:

Enough is enough. There can’t be a country within the same country, this is treason. Arrest Kanu now. A stitch in time saves nine.


Preye Ogun:

Federal government should consult governors, legislators, Ohaeneze Ndigbo and the elders from the east to know if the actions of IPOB have their blessing before declaring it as treason or making arrests. From all indications, these are trouble makers and jobless individuals like Kanu.


David Ogechukwu:

Someone should call this guy to order….absolute madness.


Ikechukwu Okpala:

Indian hemp smokers dey do exercise na im una take them serious. Like Chuba Okadigbo will say” It is the ranting of an ant”


Bruce Baridam:

I have it before that this 419 man called nnamdi kalu. Is forming another set of Boko haram. This fool should be kept perminently in the prison.


Emeka Nwokeocha:

The government shouldn’t waste time to check national security threats .



This would have been funny if we were not talking treason. Kanu et al are feasting on termites, i hope the people of his house have the good sense to caution him, because once bellyache starts he wont let them sleep in peace. stitch in time saves nine.


Chiemele Fula:

A parallel Govt by thugs loading. Soon they will be levying taxes and meting punishments.

The SE will have their own insecurity harbingers as the North has in BH and we ND have in the militancy.

Appears the Govt strategy is to let it fester and bloom as was done in the North for BH. By the time the SE elders cry out, like their ilk in the North did, it would be too late…


FreeNigeria  Fula:

Those the Gods wants to kill, they first make them crazy. Kanu is dancing naked in the market place, instead of his people to carry him inside, they’re beating the drum for him to do his crazy dance. ok ooooo, the jail awaits you gay man Kanu


logmein2nite  oyoko:

Our problem is tribalism. We can never have one goal, why force ourselves into one country?


oyoko  logmein2nite:

Are they the only youth? We have youth all over the word, even in that foreign land you are right now; what they do is use the prospect and available features on their phone to explore and change their world, and not fighting their Govt. The youth at wuse market sent a clear message to Area Fada – Charlie boy, that they are serious and mending their business than to engage in a useless protest with him, while his children are at home and other fantasy licking ice cream.


oyoko  logmein2nite:

even in nuclear family or extended family, we have people of divided mind. We don’t break up because of this, but we continue to manage ourselves. Likewise, we have in Nigeria, united we are strong and stronger. What we need is a national language, not a confused wazobia. If it is Hausa, let us imbibe it as our national language. To india, their national language is Hindu, to Ghana, their national language is Ashante to the East African, their national language is swahili, to China is chinese, even though they have cantona. Language is a bridge builder and reduce tribalism. That is what we youth should stand for, and move our country forward, not separation.



Kanu I sorry for u. If government catch u ur life will not remain d same



Look at that poorly feed woman claiming to be BSS of dead Biafra……………………



Just look at armed robbers claiming dead Biafra………………..Terrorist gay bastard Satan OSU nnamdi kanu MUST be killed for Ndigbo to have peace………………….The earlier the better………………..



Treasonable felony! Hmmmmm. He is walking into a trap.



This is a dangerous move. The Nigerian security establishments might begin to suspect every Igbo man in the Service. Secret Service? I sincerely hope that the people secretly praising this sick guy know that he’s exposing innocent Igbo compatriots to avoidable danger. The earlier the Igbo Leaders do something serious about this attention-seeking fellow, the better. This is beyond treason. It’s an invitation to civil war. Biafra is supposed to be achieved via a peaceful process, I guess. Every single day, Kanu makes mess of the whole project.



Everybody said Yusuf the founder of Boko haram was a joker, not a treat and does not have what it takes to take on the federal government. Today the reality stares every one on the face. With thousands dead and millions displaced we regretted our inaction. A stitch in time would have saved nine. It is time to reign in this charlatan.


Black power:

He needs to see his psychiatrist immediately cos he’s spiraling!!! I am not sure if this retard knows what it takes to commission a SECRET SERVICE agency. This hunger stricken errand boys from onitsha market as secret service agents. I wonder how many gullible igbos is with him on this suicide mission…. ekwensu!!!



Biafran Security Services (BSS) is long overdue.



We have the infrastructure to govern ourselves. If the zoo cannot stop the herdsmen killing our people, then, we must.



Conduct referendum and let them decide whether they want to remain in or not. Or is remaining in Nigeria by force?


Mr pelumi:

Joke taking too far,



Since Nigeria is gunning for a Nobel prize in comedy, they will have a good run for their money!



Are they armed and equipped? If not, this is a waste of reading time.


Major Steiner:

It is utter hypocrisy questioning the legality of what Kanu is doing without questioning the legality of the imposed constitution that governs Nigeria since 1999.



A parallel Govt by thugs loading. Soon they will be levying taxes and meting punishments.



He walked past some guys, whats the inspection there? Please find me better news to read.



I just pity for these guys, they are all looking malnourished. IF the likes of Saddam Hussein, Ghadafi and even Ojukwu could flee in the heat of the game, who is Nnamdi Kanu not to run when bullets visits him. I just dey laugh Igbos.


Marcus Ijele:

This is a false picture just intended to frame up Kanu further for the vultures from Hausa Fulani. However, this would have been nice to counter Fulani Herdsmen. But unfortunately, this is a fake picture, because the reporter and the stupid photographer should have shown where Kanu was talking to the people. It may also be local vigilante group and just to incite the zoo against Kanu some body is presenting it the way it appears.



As it started with Ojukwu as it started in Syria as with Boko haram in Maiduguri.


The prophet:

KANU has dug his own grave and is conducting his funeral services. This is the beginning of the end of KANU and Biafra.



Honestly, this is Biafra Insurgents/Militia in making or real sense. FG requires some level of intelligence to curtail such excesses now.



One question that I have not found answer to is this, ‘must Nigeria perpetually remain one? If it an offence to ask for freedom? we asked for freedom from Britain and got it, why cant we sit down and discuss this union called Nigeria in peace. Conduct referendum in the Southeast and know whether the people are with him on this journey. This is a very simple and easy thing to do



This guy is sick and wants to return to Kuje Prisons in earnest. I expect our security agencies to swing into action immediately before things get out of hand. We need peace in Nigeria not chaos or war.



What kind of madness is this? Don’t we have government again? These people are so lawless and I hope the government and the relevant security agencies will act fast before these mad men (and women) turn Nigeria into a war field again.



Why is he using a walking stick he is too old to walk without a stick?? lol, this man is an idiot




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