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Tunji BALOGUN’s rehab -6 major  areas experts should address

The reported move to get Tunji Balogun, the estranged husband of Mavin Records’ First Lady Tiwa Savage, to be rehabilitated is a very good beginning. The news is as cheering as it is welcome.

But those urging  him to seek medical help must understand that he also requires psychological assistance. A team of substance abuse experts, psychoanalysts and psychologists have to work in concert to rebuild his life and put him on the path of recovery, confidence and prosperity. consulted a team of experts on the urgent rehabilitation TeeBillz needs:


  1. Weaned from substance abuse (alcohol and cocaine)

Since his wife accused him of being on cocaine, that is a very serious addiction which must be tackled. Those who abuse hard drugs have to be quarantined, and weaned from the drugs at a special centre. A team of experts take the addict through a course of recovery that lasts months and months.

And the young man was also said to be fond of alcohol. Being an alcoholic is as serious. So, these twin problems require calculated treatment.


  1. Treated for sex addiction

If a young man has four children from three different women, accused of philandering, spending time with a certain ‘edible catering’ on the night his wife had a miscarriage, he has sex addiction. That is a more serious thing that many people overlook. If you can’t keep your trousers up, you are a sex addict. And like all addictions, you need methodical treatment. Many people carry on with this addiction which ruins and complicates life without realizing the permanent damage they heap on their family and those who love them. Sex addiction is not a new area in medical science, and there are a body of literature on it.


Tunji Tee Billz Balogun and wife Tiwa Savage

  1. Nurtured to accept responsibility

When you kill the caring instinct all of us are blessed with, you act as if you cannot be held responsible for your actions. That people should take care of your responsibility and pick up after you. Those who have strengthened this non caring mode live above the law and leave heartaches and pains on their path. With those who care about them in perpetual pain and confusion. They need to be taught to accept repercussions for their actions, and the process is long and difficult.


  1. Cured of debt instinct

Nonchalance and disrespect for himself and others led to debts that he knew he would find difficult to pay. Not living above ones means is one of the mandatory elements all human beings must learn and practice. Living irresponsibly, blowing money you don’t have will only leave you in ruins. So, he must be taught to accept living below his means, and not joining the Joneses.


  1. Rebuild his Confidence

For him to attempt suicide, condemn himself and proclaim that he is bewitched, Tunji Balogun needs a comprehensive lecture in confidence building. And there are many self-help and motivational speakers who can help in this department. Everything starts in our minds. And his mind needs to be planted with good thoughts and flourishing future. He must believe in himself and abilities.


  1. Financial acumen needs rebuilding and nurturing

Since he left managing his wife’s career, he has been unsuccessful at making money. In fact, he reportedly lost the N45 million loan he got from a lady. That clearly shows that he needs expert tutorial in financial management. He needs to engage the services of financial experts who will teach him how to turn N1 to N3. And where he can invest, and possible opportunities available.

-Agbolade Owolabi for

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