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5 huge lessons from Tiwa Savage’s Marital mess as music star rekindles romance with Teebillz

Embarrassment and odium trailed the public spat between music diva Tiwa Savage and her husband of four years Tunji Balogun (TeeBillz) with many ruling the union wrecked! With salacious tales capable of ruining souls and reputation, it was a display of shame which painted a troubled wedlock even from the beginning.
But the couple surreptitiously rekindled their romance to the shock of all.
In May 2016 when TeeBillz, the father of her three-year-old son Jamil plotted suicide on Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge, and ranted about the star’s misdemeanours including sexual escapades, we all thought the wedlock had been irreparably destroyed. And when Tiwa Savage, 37, granted Azuka Ogujiuba’s Media Room Hub an interview detailing 38 year-old TeeBillz’ shenanigans and philandering, including being the father of the love child of an older woman (Dr. Vivian Oputa), we further pronounced their marriage over for good.
But the couple whose marriage was written off found their way back, rekindled their romance and working hard at a blissful union.
This turnaround shocked many, and we all have a lot to learn from them.

Here are big lessons we learnt from their rocky union as compiled by ENCOMIUM Weekly:

1. There’s always room for reconciliation no matter the degree of quarrel and differences
What didn’t they say about one another? The husband soiled Tiwa’s reputation with accusations of adultery and abandonment of matrimonial duties. While the wife alleged that TeeBillz fathered a love-child she didn’t know about, was on cocaine and lived beyond his means with debts strewn across cities.
We were all stupified as they entertained all with mind-boggling tales.
But in spite of all the muck, they reconciled.

2. You can start afresh on a clean slate
No matter what led to a spat, and how partners fight bitterly, you can forgive, forget and start afresh.
The dirt in the union appeared so huge and inexcusable that we thought it was over. Everything was wrong, especially with the mutual suspicions of philandering. Add the lopsided dependence on the artiste’s income and you have a seemingly uncontrollable disaster.
But Tiwa and Tunji shocked us all. They managed their egos and conquered pride. They ignored us all and whatever judgements we arrived at to seek happiness together.

3. Love conquers all
Nothing can stop smouldering love. Nothing. And this union is enough proof that love conquers all.
Whatever the misgivings, no matter the obstacles and hurdles, they can be surmounted by love.
In spite of exposing ruinous secrets and shaming one another “in a busy market, on market day at high noon with passers by invited as spectators”, they reunited. Only love can do that.

4. Be slow to anger, refrain from throwing up all secrets
With secrets kept in public archive for all to laugh and jeer about, snigger and joke over, we should be slow to reveal family secrets. Because they are in public domain forever.
Tiwa and Tunji will forever regret the amount of salacious tales they dished out.
It was as if it was a competition to see who has the most dirt on the other.
And now, we all know what’s not in their interest.

5. Keep your family away from social media and the public
Stars who rule and reign live two lives – very public and intensely private lives.
The public is entertained with the crafts as they promote their endeavours ferociously.
But their private life is jealously guarded. Not much is revealed about their families on social media or mainstream press.
That way, you can live sanely and better.



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