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Nigerians divided over registration of 21 additional parties

Nigerians from all walks of life have been reacting differently to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) registration of 21 additional political parties that are now eligible to vie for political offices in the 2019 general elections. As some believe it’s a step in a right direction, others opined it’s just a waste of time and resources as such an exercise will only end futile as it won’t amount to anyway forward in Nigeria’s democracy.
Those sought their views on this also spoke divergently.

‘It’s a good idea’- EMMANUEL NNANA
“There’s nothing wrong in that. To me, it’s a welcome idea. It’s good we have more political parties registered. It’s going to make our democracy stronger and more vibrant. After all, the constitution even allows it, and each party is going to be independently funded. I am not against it all.”

‘It’s unnecessary’ – OBI UZOR
“I see it as a waste of time and resources. We don’t need it at all. No matter the number of political parties created now, they can’t overtake the two already popular parties which are Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC). In terms of relevance, no party can be as relevant as these two parties. So, why are we wasting our time on new parties? Already, we have many unknown parties existing. I think the INEC just wants to add to the number of irrelevant parties in Nigeria. If not, I see no reason for the registration of one’s when we’re almost preparing for 2019 general elections.”

‘It’s rubbish’ – KENNY EHIJIATOR
“There’s no sense in it. It’s a total rubbish. Do you know the number of political parties that we don’t even know their names? So, why are we adding to that list? They can’t be relevant at all in this political dispensation. It’s just a waste of time.”

‘I don’t believe in any additional political parties’ – BIOLA OTUDEKO
“There’s no justification for that now. What’s important is to make the existing one stronger or even screen out the weaker ones. A lot of parties now are very unpopular. The only two relevant parties now are APC and PDP. And no matter how strong the new parties are, they can’t be as acceptable as these two well-known parties.”

‘I don’t see any need for that’ – ALHAJI AMUSA ABIODUN
“There’s no sense in registering additional political parties now. Although, the constitution allows it as canvassed by late Gani Fawehinmi, Nigeria is not yet mature for that. It’s not necessary at all. We have better issues to attend to, not registration of new political parties. It’s even a waste of time and resources despite the fact that the parties are independently funded.”

‘Nigeria needs it’ – ADAMU SULAIMON
“As a country, we need more political parties. In a population of about N200 m, we’re yet to have up to 100 political parties. That’s not good enough for our democracy. In the US, they have more than a thousand political parties but we only hear of two. Even, there’re independent candidates everywhere in the US. To me, Nigeria has matured enough to be in that position. So, there’s nothing wrong in having more parties in Nigeria.”

‘It will strengthen our democracy’ – WALE ABDUL
“I support what the INEC did. It will strengthen Nigeria’s democracy. It will give room for more competition among the political parties. Never can one tell, each of the new oarties can even emerge stronger than APC and or PDP. Nigerians are even tired of any of the two already. We need new breeds. So, i support the idea 100 per cent.”




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