Actor Femi Bright speaks on late mom

Fair-skinned actor, Femi Bright is bereaved. He lost his aged mother, Madam Amudalat Atinuke Eketunde in April 2016. She passed on at the ripe age of 83 years.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the actor cum director on the life and times of his mother…


Accept our condolence on the demise of your mother. How and when did it happen?

It happened like three weeks ago. It was on a Sunday. She was dressed for church. She ate, took her bath and called her grand child to bring out her tithe envelope. The girl went inside the house to bring the tithe basket. By the time she came out, she met mama’s head down where she sat. She called the attention of people around. They called doctors from the hospital opposite her house, when the doctors came, they confirmed her dead.

She wasn’t sick or anything. In fact, she was a strong woman.

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When last did you see her?

I saw her a week before she passed on. We discussed general issues. She asked of everybody’s welfare.

How will you describe her?

Mama was an extraordinary person. She was nice to a fault. She was also a strong woman. She went to the market to buy things by herself a day before she passed on. She single-handedly raised her five children. We lost our father at an early age. He died 47 years ago. That was in 1969. He was ill and eventually passed on.

What will you miss about her?

Her motherly advice, her patience, her sense of humour and the fact she was strong to carry on without a man.

Tell us about her other children?   

We were five. We lost one of our siblings. One of my brother is a mechanical engineer, another a pharmacist. I am an actor cum director. I have a sister who is a trader.

How old was she?

She was 83 years old.

Burial plan?

It was her wish to be buried the day she died. We have done that. We will have artiste night on Thursday, May 26, 2016, at her residence in Alagomeji. The outing ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 28, 2016.


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