Actresses explain reasons they veered into business -Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

When did you start business?

I started business when I was 14.  I used to help my mother to sell food.  We will pound yam, cook rice and sell.  My own business started nine years ago.

What informed the decision to go into business?

I need extra money aside movie money.  I started with buying and selling of bags.

Can you recall your initial capital?


Will you say business is affecting your career?

At a point, it was affecting my career.  For three years, I didn’t shoot a movie.  I was concentrating on my business.  I came back to movies in 2003.  While I was away, I was overseeing the bakery business, just to make sure things stabilized before leaving.

How are you juggling the two?

I have employees and my family is also in charge.  The family wants the best for everyone.  I don’t believe there is sentiment in business, if I notice that a particular person is not hard working, I let the person go and look for a replacement.

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